Interesting facts about the blood groups.

Since time immemorial, the blood attracted the attention of the supervisory person. With her life was identified. However, the appropriate use of it, based on the discovery of blood groups and development of methods of its conservation, became possible only a few decades ago. Blood is movable internal environment and is characterized by relatively constant composition, while carrying out multiple functions essential to ensure normal functioning of the body.

Blood - a trait that is inherited. It is individual for each person a set of specific substances, called the group antigens. It does not change throughout a person's life. Depending on the combination of antigens blood is divided into four groups. Blood does not depend on race, gender, age.

In the XIX century in the study of blood erythrocytes were found substances of protein nature, different people have different and they were designated as A and B. These substances (antigens) are variants of the same gene, and are responsible for the blood group. After these studies, people were divided into groups of blood:

• On (I) - the first group of blood
• A (II) - the second group of blood
• In (III) - the third group of blood
• AB (IV) - the fourth group of blood

Blood groups are inherited by multiple lines. Possible manifestations of a gene equal and independent of each other. Pairwise combinations of genes (A and B) defines one of the four blood groups. In some cases, blood group may determine paternity.

Rhesus - factor relates to one of the indicators of blood group and belongs to the innate properties of human blood. He inherited and does not change throughout life.

Rhesus - factor relates to the proteins contained in the red blood cells and human and monkey rhesus monkeys (hence the name). Rhesus - factor has been opened in the first half of the twentieth century, Karl Landsteiner (Nobel Prize for the discovery of blood groups) and A. Wiener.
Their discovery has helped identify the presence or absence of Rh factor Rh-positive organisms (~ 87% of people) and Rh-negative (~ 13% of people).
Transfusion of Rh-negative individuals Rh-positive blood may be immune complications until the development of anaphylactic shock with fatal outcome.
In Rh-negative women first pregnancy uncomplicated (without the development of Rh - conflict), repeated pregnancies reaches a critical number of antibodies, they cross the placental barrier into the fetal blood and contribute to the development of Rh-conflict manifested hemolytic disease of the newborn.
Determination of Rh - antibodies in the blood, usually held on the 9th week of pregnancy. To avoid severe complications antirezus administered gamma globulin.

What can you learn about yourself?

If we in Russia are asking, "What's your zodiac sign?" - In Japan - "What is your blood type?" According to the Japanese, the blood largely determines the nature and the individual characteristics of a person than the distant stars. Analysis and account of blood group here called "ketsu-eki-gata" and perceive it very seriously.

0 (I) «The Hunter"; it have 40 to 50% of all people
The oldest and most common, appeared 40,000 years ago. Ancestors were a way of life of hunters and gatherers. They took what nature gave them today, and did not care about the future. Defending their interests, they were able to overwhelm anyone no matter who he is - friend or foe. The immune system is strong and stable.

Qualities of character
These people have a strong character. They are resolute and confident. Their motto: "To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield." Extremely mobile, unsettled and excitable. Painfully tolerate any, even the fair criticism. They want to understand their surrounding perfectly and instantly perform their disposal.

Men are very adept at love. Most of them are inaccessible to excite women.
Women before sex greedy, but very jealous.

Try to get rid of egotism and arrogance: it can seriously interfere in achieving the objectives. Stop fussing and rush things. Remember that the person seeking at any cost to achieve the intended indomitable power-hungry, he condemns himself to loneliness.

A (II) «farmer"; it have 30 - 40%
Generated by the first involuntary migration, it appeared when it was necessary to switch to food products of agriculture and thus to change their lifestyle. There was between 25 000 and 15 000 years BC From each individual's ability to get needed, to live, to work with others as part of a densely populated community.

Qualities of character
Very sociable, easily adapt to any environment, so events such as change of residence or work, are not stressful for them. But sometimes show stubbornness and inability to relax. Very vulnerable, hard carry resentment and disappointment.

Men differ shyness. Romantics at heart, they express their love glance. They like to feel maternal care, and therefore often choose women older than themselves.
Women too shy. They make excellent wife - loving and loyal.

Do not aspire to leadership positions. But try to get like-minded people that they support your interests. Do not remove the stress strong drink, or you will overcome the addiction. And do not eat a lot of fat, especially at night.

In (III) «Nomad"; it have 10 - 20%
There was as a result of the merger of the population and to adapt to new climatic conditions for more than 10 000 years ago. It is represented by the nature of the desire to strike a balance between enhanced mental activity and requests the immune system.

Qualities of character
They are open and optimistic. Comfort does not appeal to them, and all the familiar and everyday brings boredom. They are drawn to adventure, but because they never miss a chance to change something in their lives. Ascetic nature. They prefer no one could depend. Do not tolerate unfair treatment to yourself: if the head nakrichit, then immediately go to work.

Men - the true Don Juan: know how to take care of the beautiful women and seduce.
Women are very extravagant. They can quickly win a man's heart, but they are afraid to get married, do not believe in what they are capable of reverent attitude to the family hearth. And it is in vain! Over time they become a good housewife and faithful wives.

Think about it: maybe individualism is your weakness? If you do not have loved ones around you-minded people, it is the result of your independence. For the reputation of "a womanizer" or "whore" only masked the fear of love. The wives of these people have to get used to the change, because the rest are good family men.

AB (IV) «Mystery"; it possess only 5% of people
There was a sudden about a thousand years ago, not as a result of adaptation to changing environmental conditions as the other blood groups, as a result of mixing of the Indo-Europeans and Mongoloids.

Qualities of character
Users of this type of love to boast that the blood group AB was Jesus Christ. The proof, they say, is the analysis of blood found on the Shroud of Turin. Is it - is not yet proven. But, in any case, people with fourth blood group are rare. They have soft and gentle disposition. Always ready to listen and understand others. They can be called spiritualized personality and multifaceted personality.

Men are attracted to his intelligence and eccentricity. Very sexy. But their desire to make love day and night does not mean that they are full of deep feelings.
Women also have sex appeal, but they are very demanding in the choice of men. And her choice will not be easy, because it calls for a great deal of attention.

Do you have a major drawback: you are very indecisive. Maybe that's part of the reason for your lack of conflict: you are afraid to spoil someone relationships. But is in a constant internal conflict with himself, and from this your self-esteem suffers.

What is a system AB0
In 1891, Australian scientist Karl Landsteiner conducted a study of red blood cells - red blood cells. He found an interesting pattern: in some people they are different sets of antigens - substances that trigger an immune response and antibody production. Found antigens scientist designated by the letters A and B. There are only some antigens A, others - only Q. And the third - no A or B. Thus studies Karl Landsteiner divided humanity into three parts, according to the properties of blood : I group (which is also 0) - no A or B antigens; Group II - is there; III - antigen B.

In 1902, the researcher described Dekastello and the fourth group (in red blood cells are detected antigens A and B). Opening of two scientists was named AB0 system. She founded a blood transfusion.


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