Interesting facts about blood groups

The blood you can tell a lot about a person. Experts say that blood is the mirror of man. Let's try to figure it out.

I group of blood. This group is the most ancient. It has reached our days from times of Neanderthals (60000 – 40000 years BC). At that time people preferred to eat only the coarse food, such as, for example, carrion left over from predators, various wild plants, as well as all sorts of insects.

What better to do for people with I blood type? As a rule, people born with this group, take just a few cases, but, unfortunately, I can not bring to an end. But they are easily able to find anyone to agree to do everything for them, and they are happy to control the results. They are famous for the fact that I can't safely respond to the mandative tone, but with the ability to give orders themselves. These features help people with Gruppoi blood to be Directors, managers of various enterprises. These people have a particular leadership qualities, which allows them to lead people.

The risk of disease. The basis of life for people with this group and this movement. People with I blood group prefer meat, so their body must digest a heavy meal, but it needs to move a lot. If a man with I group of blood, began to move a little, this is the first indication that he was sick.

Man and sex. These people can be described in one word – Casanova. Such men with the art of courting women. They like partners who are able to give them the chance to demonstrate the talent of the conqueror. After the woman is already completely dominated by a man, she will never be disappointed, as men with I blood group good lovers.

Woman and sex. Such women are very difficult to understand what it means to a lot of sex. Men need a lot of work. Such women can easily bring a man to full, but not particularly pleasant exhaustion. A beautiful floor is very attractive, with much jealous. The partner of such women constantly need to prove their loyalty.

II blood group. This group came about between 25,000 and 15,000 years BC, at a time when people started to become omnivorous. People began to farm and slowly began to tame wild animals. To date, the majority of people with II blood group lives in Japan and Western Europe.

What kind of activity? This is the hidden leaders. Unlike people with I blood group, which is the conflict, people from the second group can easily adapt to any environment. To such people a turn for guidance as they solve other people's problems much better. These people are just born to communicate. Here is what the profession suited to the holders of group II blood: doctors, administrators, teachers, service workers.

The risk of disease. Such people generally have poor eyesight, spleen, and heart. Avoid stagnation in the liver, kidney and reproductive system.

Man and sex. The users of this group are very shy, their feelings, they Express a light touch or just a glance. If your partner can prove to you his loyalty, the man would be true to her life.

Woman and sex. At all desire you will not find a better wife. She is caring, loving and most importantly loyal. But in bed, incredulous, unreasonably suspicious, and sometimes shy. Such women are very difficult to love, but if that happens, she first admits to his feelings.

III blood group. This group of blood appeared around 15,000 years BC in a time when people began to move from the hot climate of East Africa in the cold area of the Himalayas. In a time when people began to experience climate change, and began mutation, which was formed of the III blood group. At the moment a lot of people with this blood group live in the territory of Eastern Europe.

Occupation. People who with the precision and patience of performing the task. These people are meant to be jewelers, surgeons, economists, government officials. On how much they can easily get to the truth, they can become great lawyers, auditors, forensic, tax authorities, and investigators.

Disease. Traced problems with the stomach, nasopharynx, esophagus, and in General with all, where there is mucous membrane.

Man and sex. Deceivers, called don — Iwanami. But most interesting is that such men are well known however: this is not their way. Such men are not able to go on a small novel, because it is very afraid of love. Faithfulness in marital life to break will be extremely rare, but that doesn't make him a bad husband. The woman for whom a man will become a life companion, in any situation can count on his help and support.

Woman and sex. These women are struggling to be extravagant in relationships. This behavior is not rare makes you wonder about your partner's fidelity. And for good reason. After all, these women are dedicated and loyal. Such women just need in a relationship to take matters into their small hands, especially if the choice has Up blood. Since sex for men is not the most important thing, the woman just need to bring the charm. Then he will be truly grateful.

IV group of blood. This blood group is the newest. She appeared around 1000 years ago as a result of mixture of group I blood and III groups of blood. In addition, this blood group is the rarest, as occurs in 5% of the population. People who have this blood type, have good immunity, however, they also have a predisposition to very serious diseases.

What to do with your life? These people are diligent, so they are suitable professions such as archivists, scientists, and inventors.

The risk of disease. All the vulnerabilities. For example: hearing, skin, joints.

Man and sex. To such men, pulls women like a magnet. They can easily conquer any woman. The ability to take care of a woman you just have no equal. Also, you are very good, like lovers. Despite the fact that in a Sorority you are always comfortable, you never give your feelings.

Woman and sex. In sexuality you have no equal. Without male attention you don't stay, not many people manage to get your attention. These women are very demanding and wish to be given maximum attention. If you will be able to find a partner that you will not regret time and forces and be able to curb your temper, you still let him take the reign in their hands.



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