Space medicine and mathematics – favorites of 2013

On 10 June, the Kremlin announced the winners of the State prize of Russia in science and technology, literature and art for 2013.

In science this time awarded two awards: Director of the Institute of medical and biological problems Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev and Professor of the Moscow state Institute of electronics and mathematics of National research University "Higher school of Economics" Viktor Maslov.

Academician Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoriev award for his outstanding contribution to solving fundamental and applied problems in space medicine, physiology, biology, Biophysics and biochemistry. The Russian manned space program occupies today a leading position in the world largely thanks to the research carried out under his leadership. Ground and space experiments with living organisms (from bacteria to mammals) to study the impact of space conditions (microgravity, increased radiation, is weakened in comparison with the earth's magnetic field) the Institute of biomedical problems, holds since the 1970's: hardly without these works, the astronauts could make long space flights.

The most famous of biomedical experiments conducted on the International space station. Last year great interest was aroused by the international ground-based experiment Mars-500, modelirovanii interplanetary manned flight to Mars. The Russian presidential aide Andrei Fursenko speaking at a press briefing said that the results of research in the field of space medicine has found wide application in the practical (entirely earthly) health care.

Mathematics academician Victor Maslov A. Fursenko named an outstanding scientist of world renown: "there is No field of mechanics, applied and pure mathematics, which did not affect the work of Maslow, he said. Every year, he has a large number of works with a huge citation index. The last of them – the development of the mathematical foundations of thermodynamics, where academician Maslov now a trendsetter. A large number of mathematical concepts introduced by Viktor

Pavlovich, enter the dictionary all the mathematicians of the world." Work on applied problems has led to the creation of new areas of mathematics: geometric theory of quantization, Lagrangian geometry, tropical mathematics, etc.

The size of the state prize of the Russian Federation this year is 5 million rubles, as reported by the adviser to the Russian President, Vladimir Ilyich Tolstoy. Winners are determined on the basis of ideas that are sent for examination. Representations received two positive expert opinion, are then examined at the meeting of the relevant Council under the President of RF on science, technology and education or culture and art. Obtaining at least two thirds of votes can claim the title of winner. The last step in this procedure – approval of the winners by the President of the Russian Federation.

As reported by Andrey Fursenko, this year there were 39 nominees for the award in the field of science and technology, of which 30 received two positive expert opinion, and further selection was held in two rounds. According to the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, there were many very worthy candidates in the Humanities, Earth Sciences, energy, and therefore the discussion was hot.

Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation V. I. Tolstoy, too, noted the difficulty of choosing the best among the best. According to him, there were six strong "Museum projects", has received a roughly equal number of votes in the Council, but scored two third of the votes, and because none of them passed. In the end, the winners of the State prize in literature and the arts 2013 become a writer Fazil Abdulovich Iskander, musician and conductor Yuri Bashmet and the orchestra of the creators of the film "Legend №17" – producer E. Leonid Vereshchagin, producer Anton A. Zlatopolsky, and Director Nikolai Igorevich Lebedev. Another winner of Gospremii 2013 was Yevgeny Primakov – for outstanding achievements in humanitarian activities.

The awarding ceremony will be held on 12 June 2014.



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