21 devourer of Your time— find out who they are!

Did you ever have the feeling that time slip through my fingers? especially when you approach the weekend. Udesh home from work and think: "Well, this weekend will have a lot of things..." But on Sunday you know. that it is not so. Half of the cases without doing we go to bed, and Monday I didn't get done plus all the things this week.

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Time management is nice, but first of all I think you need to get rid of bad habits. Not so important how old you are, matter how many bad habits you have. Especially if these habits have taken you a lot of time. To make it easier to look for your bad habits, I asked around among friends, compared with what I wrote and here's a list I got:

1. Fuzzy goal setting.

2. The lack of priorities.

3. Attempting to do too much at one time.

4. The lack of adequate understanding about the challenges ahead and their solutions.

5. Poor planning of the working day.

6. Personal disorganization, "cluttered" Desk.

7. Inefficient storage of documents and other information.

8. Lack of division of labor, the implementation of someone else's work, the inability to say "no".

9. Separating from business telephone calls, letters and conversations.

10. Incomplete and/or untimely information, leading to the need to "extinguish the fire".

11. The lack of self-discipline.

12. The inability to bring the case to the end, loss of interest in the project.

13. Ineffective meetings.

14. Discussion of complex issues without proper training.

15. The syndrome of "snooze".

16. The desire to know all the details before you act.

17. Haste, impatience.

18. Rare delegation (or lack thereof).

19. The lack of control over the implementation of what is delegated.

20. Too frequent trips.

21. Things that can be resolved over the telephone, are transferred to a personal meeting.published 


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