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The heroes, or rather heroine of the reportage work behind barbed wire. This post is dedicated to the matron of female penal colony №155 / 4 Zhaugashty in the village of Almaty region.

1. Back in 1937, the colony was established on the orders of the NKVD to house convicted on political charges. But now here it is holding women, first-time offenders of small and medium gravity, as well as serving a sentence for murder. Nearby is a small village Zhaugashty, home to little more than a thousand people. Local people from generation to generation of work in the colony.

We're going to Tursynay Burundaisk outs on the track. She confidently and quickly lead car and tells about himself:

- All of our employees live in the nearby village of Zhaugashty, and here I am coming from. I started working in the zone at 22, as soon as she graduated from college. It was 2001, the time was even more difficult to provide weak. She started from the bottom, I was sent to the controller in the screening group, where I worked for 3 years. Then I realized that you need to study further. Learned, sent a detachment chief, this is an officer's position, the status of higher and a little more money, but the work and responsibility are also missing. Then he went on maternity leave, she returned again put the head of the detachment, but now minors. Total general experience of my 14 years, and all in one place. I am satisfied with my work, now a lot of wishing to work in the Interior Ministry, but somehow avoided service in subdivisions CCES. On the one hand, work with prisoners is very difficult, in addition, the CCES is not such a high salary as employees of other units of the MVD. And many are afraid of criminals. And I do not think so: what to fear, if you know all the laws work within the law, behave properly? Despite the fact that they are criminals, we refer to them as "you».

For half an hour we get to Zhaugashty. Solemnly assured the head of the zone, tired and elderly colonel, that we have come to talk exclusively with collaborators on their work, obtain the consent of the shooting - without bureaucratic delays. We pass through the process of a thorough, leisurely inspection at the checkpoint. Inspectors responsible approach, seeing the tape recorder and camera, immediately report to the Chief of the zone. Manual gives good - all agreed to skip. Tursynay leads us on. Steel door slams deafening, and there is a strong feeling that we were in another world.

Several levels of alarm strip of barbed wire, or "mimosa", as local people call it, and unspoiled control strips. The entire perimeter of the posts are located, employees are promptly react even on the flight of birds flying by. Hence, it is practically impossible to escape - in the last 10 years, no one can remember about the escape attempt.

4. Most of the work in this area - a woman, but the priority remains for the men. Most of the contingent - dolgosrochnitsy, ie convicts, serving sentences of 3 to 15 years. With the maximum sentence of 25 years are only a few people. These are women who have committed multiple murders. The Colony is designed for 1,200 people, who are divided into 10 groups, approximately 100-120 women in each. Type of accommodation - cantonment, that is, the whole party sleeping in a dormitory. The walls are damp smell. The administration wanted to solve this problem and even to consult specialists. Design Institute gave only one recommendation: all tear down and build anew. So while the management scratching their heads over this issue ...

5. First, we are in a fish canning plant. This is the place in a solvent Zhaugashty. Payment by the piece: how many in the last month they release a product so much and get so try. For example, women in the factory to "Schweik" is produced from 5 to 20 thousand tenge, and here - from 30 to 38 thousand tenge. Salary sets republican state enterprise "Enbek." Talk to women is impossible. Clouds of steam, the sound of knives and peculiar smell do not have to talk. We quickly leave.

6. Women in the area Zhaugashty Modal. What does this mean?

- Thieves' concepts no, and no queens, queens and tillage, we have an exponential area - a confident tone tells Tursynay. - Everything here is subject to the order, established by the administration. Wash according to the schedule, the schedule come into the dining room, watching TV on a schedule, go systems, systems go. But often the convicts who do not want to submit to the regime. You know, women work harder than men. For example, the convicted men conversation short: it is said once - they understood. But women have more time to make comments, they can not control their emotions, just hit in tears, and try to use them as arguments. My opinion: who started from the controller, from the bottom, the already psychologically prepared to work with the prisoners.

7 - I'm not imagine myself in that role. For women, a prison - this is the last place to be. I think a woman sitting in the zone is very difficult. Even in the difficult terms of clothes: scarf, coat and no short cuts - these ordinary clothes zechki. And while on the outside the children with whom they are separated. Of course, there are women who have nothing to lose, but they are few. Most tend to go home to his family. They have the right to correspond, to call, but only according to the schedule.

8. When we go to the factory. Now we are accompanied Anelya Abduvaitova, head of the detachment, who came to the shop to check the work of the wards.

9. - When I first came here, it was very hard. Be on the inside areas of civil scary person. When you come, all the lattice and thorns horror suggest. At first I looked at my players somehow different, I had a suspicion, I gently tried to communicate with them. "Special contingent" - the very word says that they have to be careful and cautious in the words, in their behavior. Then I realized that no matter what crimes they may have committed, they are people too. I just needed some time to adapt and get used to them - says Aniela.

10. - The work is very interesting, you can learn different life stories. When it comes to opinion on the stage, the first thing I read it. Before the eyes of the destiny of man passes. You know, it's ready scripts for movies. As an example, a child protected and accidentally killed her husband and went to the mistake it for the money, was in such dire straits that he had to steal. Or tempted by the easy way, she "drew" money. They cry and talk, they say, if you return to that day, then this would not do. And then you see how the relatives of them refuse to call them moral monsters. How to betray them when they are in prison and desperately need the support of family and friends. As their self-esteem drops as they experience and try to continue to live.

11. - There are women who are giving birth, their children are separated, sent to an orphanage. There are mothers who for many years did not see their children because they can not sell from an orphanage or with relatives, guardians, in a bad relationship. Trustees may in fact take away the child and not to bring. It's a tragedy for the mothers. I try to support them, saying that the scrip and prisons are not perfect, and this is your test. It is necessary to pass it with dignity, to learn, to work and to earn a better future. Do not give up, just go! You must get out of here people enough of a shame to learn a new profession, earn money. No time for regrets. Even sitting here, you can help your children - send them to earn money, gifts.

12. - The hardest thing for me to work with the prisoners on the 96th article. This is when a woman after years of beatings and abuse killed their husbands or boyfriends. They shattered psyche, they are intolerant, quick-tempered, sharp. There I immediately take under the supervision of, spend educational talks. I explain to them that it is not we be judged, our task - to supervise the enforcement of sentences. We help them to serve a term that they have received a sentence. Therefore, we must work together, work together. They did not at once, but go to the contact, because here, in the walls of the zone, it is the chief of the detachment - the defender of their interests. They are looking for help from me. I try to help them, because I know that not everyone convicted can talk about their problems. They trust me.

13. LA 155/4 - the zone with a developed infrastructure work. Its territory is successfully operating enterprise "Enbek-Zhaugashty." Thanks to good management a few years ago, it has been recognized twice in Cannes for business. "Enbek-Zhaugashty" - a garment factory with a forty-year history, a small bakery and a fish canning plant. The factory can fulfill any order - from mattresses and pillows to the manufacture of workwear uniforms, but mostly here sew everything for domestic needs of various units of the MOI.

14. Compared with other agencies is a high percentage of employment - from 50 to 70 per cent of convicts are employed. It is a rarity. Usually, in such places, at best, 30 percent of prisoners work. But even here, according to the administration, idle entire plant - the last time the prisoners do not want to work.

15. Oksana Kalinina, Deputy Head of the institution's General Affairs and Labor utilization:

- Do convicts have no desire to work. We ourselves in this hard to believe. Just three or four years ago, we were lined up to find jobs in the same factory or in the shop, and now we need frames. First of all, themselves condemned to argue with us that this is not labor colonies and correctional! We explain that, according to the PEC corrections - it is not only the implementation of the agenda, and it is training, and employment of convicts. But no one wants to work. Answer this: for such a small salary do work! So we work. For example, if we take our civilian colony, then deputy chief accountant salary of 38 thousand tenge, private inspector receives 26 thousand, and the commandant of having a huge amount of work put salary of 23 thousand tenge.

16. - We attribute our wards, that the first criterion for the passage through the courts - is paying off claims. Because you do not bother, do not wait for parole or transfer to a penal colony. Redeem claims is only one way - by working in our company. At the bakery, they are happy because there are time wages. But if the bakery moved to piecework, the salary would have been even higher. And so, time-worker pay about 25 thousand tenge. A sewing shops only piecework pay, but you can become a seamstress, having at least the 4th rank and length of service a year and a half. In the zone there is the college, but also learn where they do not want. We explain to them that you want to work, to gain knowledge, and only then will have a chance to improve their lives.

17. - But there is a downside to these failures. Previously convicted did not come with such large claims, and all tried to repay them. Now all women come with huge amounts of debt or for examination, or for legal costs, damages. For example, after a prisoner has stayed a part of life, to work, it was time to release on parole. She wrote a petition that has realized his guilt, correct in the future will never break the law. The judge looks at the amount of the claim, which she put on the verdict of the court, and there - a couple of million, and of this amount repaid only 100 thousand. Tenge ... The judge and said: sit on.

18 - That is, on the one hand, a person deprived of his liberty, on the other - there is no real possibility to cover material damage. Therefore, they meet us: we broke the law, received his punishment, but we have nothing to extinguish the claims and are not going to put out than to work for peanuts, it is better to serve his full term!

19. - In the meantime, we are beginning to disturb the victims - in accounting phone is silent. After speaking with the victim develops a feeling that it is our accountants have committed a crime and not pay claims. "Why do not we pay? Why do we only 500 tenge sent? ". Answer: "Yes, because she's just so much work!". After these talks, our employees are on sick leave. They simply can not withstand the moral pressure. During the year, the institution changed to 4 accountants in suits. And if we do not take the call, the victims begin to write a complaint to the department, the committee, the Ministry of Interior. They are trying to explain, and they demand: give our millions. And we will give, if the convicts are not interested to work?

20. Oksana Kalinina:

- Frankly, I do not see any reason to keep many of our prisoners in forced isolation - they are not dangerous to society. After all, you can do just fine and controlled. Then the state would not spend that kind of money for the criminals. Look: this year at our institution have allocated 654 million tenge. On one prisoner spent half thousand tenge per day. But not only the cost of food, but also for all purchased equipment, maintenance and other expenses. Anything they do well, better than our employees - pensioners free hiring. Even I can not always afford a varied diet every day that put for convicts. And imagine there are still persistent dissatisfaction, saying why did not issue today apples or juice? And the question I get asked a former doctor convicted of trafficking children in Shymkent, or a woman who strangled her baby ...

Next sitting commandant adds:

- Women and the area have a habit of acting up. In October, we moved to the winter form, they gave me such a scene staged. Every day groups came. That size is not suitable, the jacket is not warm enough. Or reflective strips do not like, or ask to replace the other coloring. Like a resort here!

21. - After that connects the department Labour Organization condemned. Call this conviction, he explains that it received the complaint, and she replied: let wait, I have to pay anything to anyone not going. Ultimately, employees are guilty. Clashes with the victims do not end, they continue to write in our complaint. We only manages to unsubscribe from them.

Also, in recent years have increasingly come to criminals for economic crimes. If earlier largely condemned for drug offenses and murder, but now every second sitting for fraud. They do not work and will not work. It's literate women, often with two higher educations. They say, "We're going to sew and clean the fish ?! No way! Still, millions in your area do not earn! ».

22. - I ask them: "Now you're sitting here, what next? You return the money to them? "-" Well, if they prove that they gave us the money, then we will return, and if they prove anything to return will not. " - "Here you sold one apartment five customers how they can find out what you are five times one apartment sold? You crook! "-" Well, why we're sitting here. " - "And then what?" - "And now they are suing each other: one original and one fake document." - "So it's impossible to tell, you're always putting his stamp and signature ?!" - "And let them judge them understand!».

23. Aisha Abilgazieva, head of unit, one of the old residents of the zone, which can now be counted on the fingers. When we got to her, she talked to the foreman of the order:

- Manage a detachment of 100 women, where nearly 40 people sitting on the 96th article - no easy matter. Many convicts broken psyche, especially those who have long sentences. We help team leaders, which we choose from among the activists, who can find a common language with each convict. To choose not only the chief of the detachment, but condemned the meeting. We are trying to put in place the foreman's most respected women. We do not choose on their sympathies, preference is given to the most strong-willed and powerful.

24. - The chief of the detachment - more men work than women. Regardless of the floor we first officers, and then women. My husband - a former military man, so he is sympathetic to my constant load at work. Here, in the zone, it held my second life. While at first I was scared, I seemed condemned all look the same. And then I realized that they are the same woman, like us, they need to talk, to consult. Over time, you become a good psychologist and already defines people after the first contact. There are women who have not seen a better life, but there are those who have lived well, but tempted by easy money, committed fraud and was behind bars. For ten years the head of the detachment I got used to it.



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