The five-star prison (14 photos)

Norwegian Halden prison was built in 2010, is by far the most protected.
In prison, there are people who have committed serious crimes, but none of them can not stay here more than 21 years, such a law in Norway.
Frankly, to hold here in '21 is not so hard, I guess.


The contents of one man in the chamber with a refrigerator and a TV costing the Norwegian budget of $ 185 thousand. Annually.


Around the prison building - 30 hectares where prisoners can roam guards.


20% of the people who came out of the Norwegian prison get there again for 2 years. In other European countries such three times more.


Basin in prison costing $ 250 million there, but every prisoner is entitled to spend 1, 5 hours a day in the gym.


The supermarket prisoners allowed once a week. There you can buy vanilla in pods, garam masala, or selective beef tenderloin for $ 60 / kg.


Salary signed $ 9 a day. After the attack Breivik they chipped in for his daily salary to buy flowers in memory of the victims.


Anyone can cook their own meals. Cookbooks - the most popular in the local library.


Are Hёidal warden. At his command 340 - 250 prisoners


In Norway, the prison guards have held a special two-year training program that includes lectures and semnarov human rights, ethics and law.


Being in the chamber should be from 8:30 pm to 7:30 am, in the rest of the time, you can either work (this is optional), or do their own thing.


According to the director of the prison, no attacks on security, no fights in Halden is not seen. Attempts to escape is also not there.


Communication with the outside world is limited, but the prisoners have the right to talk with a family of three a week long meetings in a separate house.


Music Studio, where the prison band rehearses and writes a monthly radio program.




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