100 facts about Norway

Russian shares interesting facts about life in Norway.

1. Norway - fantastic country. A rich and varied nature, huge reserves of energy and reasonable development of Norwegians do extremely wealthy nation.

2. The population of Norway is negligible - they are not up to 5 million people. It's about a quarter of modern Moscow. Over 1, 5 million Norwegians live in the capital Oslo and its suburbs. Any city with a population of more than 30 thousand. Is considered large.

3. Know that 100% of the population of Norway perfectly speak, write and read in English. Children learn the language since 5-6 years or sooner. Any child older than 10 can easily be explained to you in English. Exception - very little old retired 75+.

4. The Norwegians love and appreciate the sea. Prefer not to live further 200-300 meters from the water, or in her line of sight. Those who live in the interior of the country, still buy a second house by the sea. Boats or boats have 80% of the population.

5. In Norway, incredibly variable climate. Fog, sun, strong wind, rain, and fog again, can be replaced with a fantastic rate. Norwegians even wrote saying: "I do not like our weather? Wait 15 minutes ».

6. Nature Norway majestic and diverse. Forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, sea, and all the rest - in pristine condition. Attitude to nature is very gentle. Poachers no debris also virtually none. Thanks to the sea, there are no mosquitoes and other insects vermin. Not hot in summer ... paradise!

7. Under the law, any citizen of the country and its guest has the right of free passage to all natural resources without restrictions - as in the woods and the sea. You can walk and swim wherever you want. If the land is privately owned and is fenced, it is advisable to ask for permission to be polite.

8. Stories that Norway is a very expensive country - true. In general, all products are expensive, and the most common products are everywhere in "ABC taste". Go to the supermarket and spend 200 euros, did not really buying - easily. Even more expensive cost services (such as taxis or construction) - they are simply unreal money. Petrol nearly 2 euros per liter. Taxes on cars - crazy. In this case, Norway - 2nd in Europe of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Giants such as Shell and Statoil - Norwegian.

9. Products in Norway - the highest quality. Especially dairy. Local ice cream - just super. Even McDonald's hamburger meat in quite edible. By the way, here are the most expensive burgers in Europe. By the same token, any ordinary fast food stands nightmarish money. In ordinary pizzeria to give 200 euros for 4 without alcohol - the norm. In this pizza itself - not very.

10. Compliance with laws and lack of crime - almost everywhere. Theft is unthinkable for most people. Only large retail chains have frame detectors stolen goods output, or a surveillance camera. For the rest, they are almost nowhere to be found.

11. Almost 100% of the population is connected to high speed internet. Because of the climate and long distances, the Norwegians are so many sit on the network.

12. The Norwegians love and protect their monarchy. The adult population to a greater extent than young, proud that kept the royal family.

13. Compared with other Europeans, almost any Norwegian, leaving the country - a mini-oligarch. In Asian countries, so all kings. The average salary for many Norwegians can be up to 5-7 thousand. Per month. Thus, for visiting local prices impossibly high, but for all local approx.

14. The sea and lake fishing in Norway - a paradise for the connoisseur. Fish and a variety of marine reptiles incredible array. Fishing regions are only in the northern regions, and from the city of Bergen and the south - no fishing. Catch can always and in any weather, almost anywhere. Crabs, mussels, sea snails and other goodies, too, in abundance. Licenses for fishing are not needed.

15. That is why many Europeans have recently developed a profitable hobby: travel to Norway in refrigerated cars, live in the cheapest cabins or tents, fishing two weeks without a break, zatarivatsya fish 6 months in advance, and go back. Germans, Dutch and Belgians, perhaps, the most active.

16. The Norwegians do not collect forest products, do not understand the mushrooms and berries do not know the properties of herbs. Therefore, in a good season all this stuff just heaps. In a good year fungi is so much that for 2-3 hours one person can collect 100-liter bag of selected white. About blueberries, wild raspberries and blackberries do not say - is growing everywhere like weeds.

17. Norwegians scary surprise and delight knowledge about Russian mushrooms and berries. Many believe that we are brave and risky people, if they go to the forest to collect. Trying to refuse. The supermarket also easily take greenhouse mushrooms and chanterelles, completely ignoring the forest just 10 meters from the house. The first time it is shocking.

18. Spirits in Norway just do not buy it! It is sold only in specialty stores - Vinmonopolet. Translated as alco-monopoly. Belong to the state. They work strictly from Monday to Friday in the capital like there and Saturday shops are open hours to a maximum of 7, with a big break for lunch at midday. And there they are not everywhere. Alcohol there insanely expensive: a bottle of vodka for 70-100 euros - is the norm.

19. In supermarkets you can only buy beer or cider is not stronger than 5, 2 degrees. Anything above, including wine - only in the restaurant, bar, or as already mentioned - in Vinmonopolete.

20. Drink Norwegians love, but do not know how. Get drunk quickly lose their minds as quickly behave noisy and funny. Sober skills, or knowledge of how to cheer up a cucumber or cabbage pickle, there is no fact. Freak out if they lead to feelings of such a simple way.

21. Norway has the largest length of fjords in the world. Fjord - a wide, often tortuous and deep channel with rocky cliffs, plunges from the sea inland for miles. Fjords there are in Canada, Chile and New Zealand. Those in Norway - the most beautiful.

22. Norwegian - mediocre women in terms of beauty. Medium height, stocky, solid build with wide-set eyes, snub-nosed, and tend to be very independent.

23. But the Norwegians male opposite: tall, athletic, many natural blondes, a kind of Vikings with a big smile and blue eyes. You can see why they are not always in a hurry to marry local Norwegians.

24. Many Norwegian children are extraordinarily beautiful. Blond, slender, athletic, some with curly hair - visible purity genetic lines. Children are raised strictly enough. Pamper not accepted.

25. You can go all day on the central part of Norway, however, and any other part of it, and did not meet a single police car. Or the police officers themselves. But the tractor on the road at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour - quite a common thing.

26. Every day is similar to the previous one. In the sense that all flows very calm and measured. Norwegians begin to work at about 10 am, and by the 4th already rounded. The output only open restaurants or supermarkets. Nobody especially not in a hurry.

27. Skiing and snowboarding kataetcya almost 100% of the population. Women are often better than men.

28. The children put on skis from 4-5 years. See how Dad pushes down the baby with a very respectable age for such a roller coaster - a normal thing. Children age 10 and make me a man with 12 years of experience, almost without straining.

29. On the country roads, usually next to a farm, you can often find a table with vegetables or fruit. And the price tag is how much. It will be the same scales, bags for shopping, and a jar for money. This kind of self-service. Everything is built on trust. Next to no one.

30. Young Norwegians and even middle-aged people are very fond of science fiction and fantasy as a genre. Movies such as "The Lord of the Rings" or "Star Wars" are very popular.

31. Most of the programs on TV - English-speaking, with a maximum of Norwegian subtitles. It is very convenient.

32. Dress casually and Norwegians are very simple, as a whole, and the whole of Europe. See beautifully dressed girl or guy - hard.

33. Local cuisine - simple and unpretentious. They are prepared to put it mildly, not very. But the Norwegians have succeeded in harvesting fish recipes: Dried, salted, smoked, and so on. N., More delicious. Seafood accepted cook very simple: at least any additives, minimum processing. Try the local fish eggs in iron tubes type RekerOst - very tasty.

34. The majority of Norwegians - educated and gullible people. The older generation is quite meticulous, many blyudut traditional way in life and deeds.

35. Get a very large bank loan under 3-4 per cent per annum - is a snap. In general, everything is done for the sake of man. You can plan your life for 10 years ahead, including any costs and career advancement. The plan will come true.

36. For foreigners attitude discreet but friendly. Norwegians calmly invited to visit, share a meal, help advice. Free good friends is possible.

37. Outside the big cities there are practically no active life. No clubs, no movies, no shopping centers. However, the Norwegians themselves and also almost no.

38. The government strongly supports employment at least something. Subsidies have in many areas of private business. So, you can buy 30 pieces of sheep, nail them to the ears of the tag to declare the state that I am now a happy farmer and produce feed for a year on some island. For this you can get from the state grants, equipment, perks. At the end of the year to catch and sell - and even earn some money.

39. Murder at least one person being discussed on national TV and radio at least a week. Robbery too.

40. Roads in Norway is very good, but almost all the regional transport network - odnopoloska. Highway offers only one lane in each direction. It's scary annoying.

41. In recent years, Norway has increased the influx of immigrants from other countries. And not only from traditional African or Asian - but we met even the Chechens! Most immigrants behave arrogantly, do not want to integrate, language is not taught, get in the group breed like cockroaches, do not like to work and operate the system. 10 years ago this was not.

42. To learn the Norwegian language or Norsk, is quite difficult. Many racing intonations raznokorennyh words. But if you try - for two years can be.

43. Many young Norwegians complain about the boring life, excessive adherence to laws, high prices and severe climate. However, the same proud to be a part of the nation and.

44. In the summer of the southern part of the country - a very warm place. Strawberries, plums and pears ripen in abundance. The water in some places up to 20 degrees angry, and swim in the North Sea is very funny. You can even tan.

45. Flying a plane within the country as well as outside it - is extremely cheap. The quality of service is higher than that of European airline discounters. Fly to Dubrovnik from Bergen (3, 5 hour flight) for 40 euros, or 35 in Amsterdam from Oslo - a common occurrence.

46. ​​smoking fight unrealistic prices for tobacco. However, the Norwegians love to smoke. Many people buy cut tobacco in bricks and smoke cigarettes, or driven out of duty free cigarettes.

47. In Norway, the largest total number of tunnels in Europe. They are simply hundreds everywhere. There is one that passes under the sea strait at a depth of about 4 km. Some tunnels are paid, as well as some bridges.

48. Rent a car, even the most simple - very expensive. 2-3 times more expensive than in some European countries. Gasoline is very small. Diesel - is everything.

49. Norway is the northernmost point of mainland Europe. Called the North Cape, is on the edge of a cliff in the far north. In good weather you can see the edge of the Arctic glaciers.

50. Despite the geographical proximity to Sweden, Norway, the people - other people. In general, among the Scandinavians, they must be the most original. Nature, too, is different.

51. Funds that Norway receives from the sale of the resources are allocated wisely. Norway has just unreal amount of land and real estate abroad. But this little known - prefer to keep a low profile.

52. In view of the large number of islands and straits, highly developed ferry network. Ferries go anywhere and often. You can save hours of way, sitting on the ferry. Basically, on his car. Sami ferries are large, comfortable, and relatively inexpensive.

53. In Norway, allowed to catch sea crab - but it is forbidden to catch lobster. If lobster gets to you to krabolovku, which happens quite often, according to the rules he should be released. On the question - "What are you doing with lobster?" - Most Norwegians smiles and says that of course let this wonderful arthropod at will - while slyly winking. Live lobsters are sold at the fish market their catch quota painted.

54. In Norway, cheap silver. Silverware good quality.

55. If you are visiting a tourist, do not forget to ask for tax-free wherever visit. It is possible to issue almost everywhere and for any goods, the purchase amount equivalent to 50 euros. As a result, you can return up to 30% of the money spent.

56. Hero of Norwegian folklore, troll - a very popular symbol of many institutions. Despite the very demonic appearance, trolls - they are the spirits of nature, they protect it, and even help good people. Here's a fun fact: Take troll figurine, set side by side, and try to compare it with the appearance of the surrounding local people, especially women. A careful observer can detect unexpected similarities!

57. Pets, especially dogs, are extremely educated. Little bark, very friendly, and generally do not interfere with the owners. Even with each other, they are very reserved.

58. Print the Norwegian itself is not easy. Many prefer not to get involved. But if you have your - do not expect anything good. In anger, the Norwegians are horrible.

59. Energy in Norway are crazy money. 4 weeks in a family of 5 can easily ugrohat about 1000 euros for electricity. And even more. Be very rational when their energy and costs.

60. Custody of children and young people is very strong. It is not uncommon when the kindergarten kids 20-30 goes from one place, and nobody else. For other build another garden. And it's not just a house with a playroom. This is a complex of fields, changing rooms, toilets, kitchens and so on. N. At the entrance to take off your shoes. Be a child in Norway - grace.

61. The high-rise buildings and residential complexes little, almost none. Most people live in private homes. Houses are simple but comfortable. They are usually painted in red or blue and white, often with a lawn of grass of the field on the roof. This is not only a tribute to tradition - such a wonderful roof insuliruet winter. Looks funny.

62. The well-known facts about Norway not so much. The most famous association - is the Vikings, Edvard Grieg, mountains, fjords and trolls.

63. Most of the income of the economy comes to the treasury from the sale of petroleum products. Next is the marine industry, shipbuilding, engineering and construction of deep-water platforms.

64. The northern part of the country is very different from the southern climate. In winter, the north is cold and snowy. In the south, there may be no snow and winter temperatures above zero.

65. On the market or in the supermarket to buy whale meat. It is small and it is expensive. Whale meat is dark, almost black, the taste - like elk. Sell ​​steak and mince.

66. In some cities, local fauna quite accustomed to the proximity of the person. Pigeons in the area can sit up on his hand and famously start to eat your loaf. Gulls can hover a meter from the deck of the ferry passes and missed bread thrown on the fly.

67. Engineering colleges, the Naval Academy, as well as oil and gas institutions - is very prestigious.

68. By tradition, every man must make for himself a knife and sheath. With their own hands. All you have to do this, is sold in abundance. Blade blanks, tools, leather. Especially good handle from scraps of birch wood. Difficult to handle, but it is beautiful and durable.

69. Along the road you can often find small cairns. They are called "Tor" and nobody touches it. Previously, they were folded so as not to go astray after a snowfall or heavy fog. Now it is - a fun tradition.

70. Wildlife and wild animals a lot. Run out on the road or deer prancing deer - are not uncommon.

71. Drinking Norwegians clink and say «Skol!» The letter "O" sounds like a cross between the most "o" and "e". Tostovat not accepted.

72. The population is not very religious. Church and churches, of course, there are but few. Go to the service mainly adults.

73. If you live in nature in his house and only have electricity - can be up to 80% of the land to feed themselves. The sea is rich in any marine food, water in streams and lakes, many drinking without prior treatment, and forests rich in game and fruits. However, the population is very secured, and generally does not burden the nature of their presence.

74. Norwegians nothing, and there is no need to share with each other.


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