As I was sent to the Norwegian courses ...

That's decided to create another technocratic issue. I do not know what will happen, for technical topics, usually, few people interested. But, nevertheless, I will try again to share some thoughts and impressions from small travel inside Norway. Intends prisobachit about 35 pictures.

A little explanation for the fact: last week at work, I was called [next] in the office of the chief, who told me a very unexpected news. The point is that they decided to send me to learn from the "course of repair and maintenance of welding equipment KEMPPI». You've got a bit to clarify that the company where I work, all sorts of similar units. And they often fail.

From time to time, it also happens that I and my colleagues do not have any work. More precisely, the load varies greatly. That is, if, for example, today and tomorrow have to work overtime (inogda- from morning until the next morning), it happens, it happens that you can walk all day ramble horseradish and pears. Many of boredom take up a broom (long noticed that Norgay, by the way, is not zapodlo) or do something for the enterprise, for example, which beat -nibud shelf for tools. For example, I'm trying to repair any electrical equipment. Well, sort of as a class in a circle of technical creativity (for real wages while dripping). Anyway, for me it is more interesting and even useful sometimes. (Sometimes you can afford something vykruzhit.)
In principle, nothing particularly valuable and useful in my hobbies authorities did not observe, because today in Norway do not have a special need for repair of electrical appliances. With a little more polomke- sent to landfill since repaired, sometimes more expensive than buying a new one. The reason for that, is not so much high quality of life, as the high value of human labor. For example, the Bulgarian can have a price close to the hourly wage of a qualified professional. A legitimate question, but why fix it if it would be cheaper to buy a new one?
However, we have encountered in the production equipment, which is pretty serious money. (Some svarochniki, for example, cost about half a million Russian rubles (however, it does not guarantee against possible accidental fall from its pier in the sea ... and that. It happened, and so on ...)) < br /> And then, there are still cases where not all the money can buy. We like -That was covered elektrostantsiya- diesel portable welding station (in the form of a trailer on wheels R14) .Edakaya Italian hack GENSET, inside of which is motor Lambordini (not to be confused with Lamborgini! I myself first of Uel%!). In general, for me the princess tried to cheer Nesmeyanov several local experts. For some reason changed the fuel filter, all kinds of sensors and all that had the knowledge and imagination. When it was my turn, I simply measured the voltage of the battery charging (indicator lamp burned for a generator) and found that there was no charge. Further, by simple trials revealed that in the embedded generator winding burned. Really, just charred half winding. (Due to short-circuit the output wires to ground due to vibration). (Inside the unit is a controller that monitors all electrical parameters, and if a school, then stops the engine after 10 seconds. That was a defect: gloh motor shortly after the start).
Well, my superiors speaks- Famously, the reason is clear, now let, bring to the office of the winding, we 'll contact dealership Genset-Norge and make. " However, the search for it turned out that the winding can not be ordered separately (for me it is not clear at all ... ravings of some, looks like the stator of motor generator, only the larger diameter, can be easily dismantled from the engine), dealers said: "It is an integral part engine "that is, the output type, change the engine entirely. In general, my superiors became sad. I first told them that if you do not find the winding, I can try to rewind itself. Of course, at first I was raised a laugh, like, "Nah, man, what are you, it is generally impossible and stupid on a plan." In short, in the end I came to me boss and sad asked if I was ready to try to correct the defect, as proposed earlier. Anyway, I took a piece of paper, sketched the structure, direction and number of turns of the winding. It remained to find the winding wire 1, 5 mm in diameter. Sezdit to the secret place where the townspeople discarded e-waste, and found there a large transformer on some power supply. Carefully cut his Bulgarian, pulled the wire. Then a new wound coil fixed output. (By the way, shook not so long, slowly, with the smoke breaks, all took an hour are two. (But why hurry? I'm at work, money dripping, nobody drives the plan, as previous work on Ford) needed .Mne epoxy resin, the chief himself went into the city and brought back. So, I'm stuck and winding impregnated with resin, collected, zavel- unit that operates to this day. By the way, then disappeared erstwhile ironic about some staff elektrosvalki my visits. On the question, but where do you find winding wire ?, I otvetil- "yes there you are all lying under your feet, you can find a lot of useful things." I marveled still very long.
Okay, back to svarochnikam.
In addition, as I understand it, to show your company some of the requirements for warranty service. (The firm recently bought a lot of new equipment) required to service their equipment, "performed by an authorized worker." It turned out that the role of the employee, it was decided to put me. It turned out, like, trust.
We can not say that it made me very happy. During the three years of living here, I'm a bit of SIDS learned, above all, healthy pohuizmu. (For me it was very useful and beneficial for the nervous system.) And then the flight was on Sunday, and most recently the weekend I really appreciate. In general, it is somewhat disturbed my plans for the weekend.
But in any case, I had the opportunity of a short trip on the ball, in another part of Norway. (In fact, on its Northern Ust-Perepizdyuyska for these three years I did not go anywhere except deer and fish and little seen.) And then I booked flights, reserved a hotel room, allocated money for food and other expenses. Sin was to give ...

At the same time, I thought, I still have something even teach. So, on the appointed day I got up early in the morning and Rushed to a nearby town 150 km from here.
We had to catch the airport an hour before departure. Upon arrival, the car is put into the parking lot in front of the airport. (Payment already there then at the exit of the parking lot. The cost of hourly - not weak. For three days I have to just about $ 100. The Norwegian prices. Well, I'm not scared. The company pays.)

By the way, when you use your car for each kilometer firm also pays about 20 rubles (the Russian equivalent.) Back and forth I eventually had to travel 300 km. Gasoline I burned about 16-18 liters. In Norway the price for 1 liter 95 of 75 rubles still turns out not so bad.
Before that, the last time I flew the aircraft back in 1988 from Penza to Moscow.
And even more so no idea about the Norwegian Aeroflot I had not. In the end, it turned out that I just was not too late to land. At first it was very early, and I was pacing back and forth, looked at the planes arriving and departing. I do not know why, but one type of these aircraft have all-taki mesmerizing.

Domestically in Norway runs a lot like these aircraft. On this and I visited. (Unfortunately, I do not Boeing never flown, and even live not seen) I wonder what kind of model aircraft ???

This airport is fairly short runway. By the way, it is built right by the seashore, since the terms of some mountains and it was the only manmade vozmozhnost- long flat area. It seemed to me that it is rather short, for take-off the aircraft accelerated a bit more dynamic compared to, like, from another airport where the take-off and climb was more gradual. Here climb, probably accounts for more dramatically, because the terms of mountains and fjords. In general, during take-off, I felt inside me a few bricks have advanced a little to the exit.

Perhaps one should not think that the conductor must necessarily look like a fashion model from a handout airlines. Basically, of course, is the most common women. Not always, by the way, young and beautiful. That this girl is the most common Norwegian conductor. Sfotat it properly, I did not succeed, because the whole flight, she rushed through the cabin and the constant care of the passengers.

After 2 hours, we landed in the Norwegian main airport Gardemoen. For a long time, living behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Union, we had little idea about foreign countries. Personally, myself, I confess that in my childhood and youth was full of all sorts of errors. For example, the city - the capital of the developed countries, the focus seems to me that kind of maximum slope and advancement. That said, I suspect that all this is just a silly error, but my imagination stubbornly drew me a beautiful picture with skyscrapers and a myriad of neon lights.
So I was a bit surprised and a little disappointed when he was in the building of the airport and saw a regular room rather modest design. Nothing special about it was not. For many years I was not in Moscow airports and do not know what they look like, but I suspect that much brighter and more stylish than Gardemoen.

Next, my path lay on the railway in the city of Tønsberg, where, in fact, sent me. But direct trains in those days there were not due to track repairs. In short, I decided to go to a drive-through Oslo. (Here it is necessary to clarify that the main airport Gardemoen Norvegii- is from the Oslo distance of about 60-70 km.) Therefore, the most familiar to the public transport between cities on such distances - a train. (Well, and the car, of course) By the way, I liked that the platform with paths directly under the belly of the airport. Pretty udobno- I arrived and once you get to the trains. Tickets are also at the airport. Moreover, the queue was only in cash with the usual lively seller of tickets for ordinary trains. Nearby in the neighboring office bored young man who sells high-speed (and more comfortable) train. The price of tickets has already been mentioned twice. But next was a bunch of ticket machines at any train. There is no queue was not. I bought a ticket for a regular train ... (Later, however, in the train, it dawned on me as I was asshole that did not buy a ticket to an expensive and fastest train. Just at that moment, I forgot that the firm pays all my expenses. )
I never went to our Sapsan, therefore with interest looked at the Norwegian train.


During the visit, I noted that the train they rather quiet while driving.
And it's not that they track longer than we have. Just off the wagon rather soft suspension. She strongly suppresses noise from the joints. (Although, if desired, listening, you can hear the sound of the wheels.)
Inside quite a few seats, but they seemed to me quite decent design and comfort. The cars are all sorts of coffee machines and vending machines for soda.

Upon arrival in Oslo, I was also quite surprised, not noticing there something particularly bright. I had not much time to train, so I take a walk along the main street that ran from the center.
All modestly. Many buildings of ancient architecture, narrow streets. At every intersection on the sidewalk are Roma with plastic cups in front of him.

an integral part of the major cities -Yard play the musicians ... they even work out how the money unlike ordinary beggars. These stupidly sit (lie) and wait for your money ... (DO NOT GIVE! (Approx. Aftora)


I thought then, and why, in fact, the state capital should sparkle luxury and wealth? With this wealth should mean streets ?? The fact that a small group of lowlifes who illegally usurped all the national wealth and exposes now all this crazy parade of luxury? (I'm talking about Russia) .A simple and law-abiding people live more than modest. As many of those who eats the last fuck without salt.
Is it not the cause of my expectations that we have already got used to the way we have in the country to the capital of a huge tumble tops, creating the appearance of a beautiful facade, while the rest of the city are modestly on the sidelines, quietly sucking cocks for 20 cents?
But you can look at the capital of Norway. Not so beautiful and rich in the external facade. But while the bulk of the population lives with dignity and full confidence in the future. Of course, they have a lot of their problems. But their main achievement, not even the fact that they have a lot of money and oil. Even I can see from the constant care and responsibility of the Norwegian state to its citizens. And I just see that people feel the care and responsibility. They behave the same way and to each other. I could not help think about our lives. I often heard the myth about a plan Dulles that, he says, "by corrupt Russian decided all the Hollywood crap show all sorts of violence and debauchery."
But the Norwegians as well (and maybe even more than we) are consumers of this American pseudo. They are on TV, I noticed, show much more seamy side or hard of violence. In specialty stores have even more freely available pornography.
However, I noticed a long time ago, and convinced that more and more-at the very low level of SIDS aggressive component in relation to each other. This is clearly noticeable after Russia.
Of course, there are a lot of them in this, that we, Russian, it seems strange, incomprehensible evil. This is normal. After all, we have a completely different mentality.

I remember, I was a little surprised, as one Norwegian woman buried infant son, and a few days later, came to work, and as if nothing had happened, continued to work. When Russian colleague tried to express something like sympathy, "because you have such a mountain! As you must be terribly hard! "The Norwegian responded with surprise:" Oh, no, everything is fine, I have calmed down, like, it has still not come back. "
From the side it looks very cruel, is not it? Well, let's say so.
But in my mind there is this unusual for Russia fact. I visited one Norwegian mall (while my wife to make long trips to numerous departments all women's clothing), I suffered from boredom, hanging around the store and just staring at everything and everybody.
And in one of the departments that sell the type of stylish and fashionable cloth, I saw the seller in this department working young woman aged about 25 years. In general, for a woman, she was even very young. If not for her pregnancy, I would have indicated that a young and pretty girl. He looked good, only she did not have enough left hand. Flowing graceful lines of her feminine hands were broken off at the wrist. Personally, it was hard to look at it, and I do not want to describe the details. Let's just say that this arm she could never wear a watch or a bracelet as a decoration. Stay will not.
At the same time she worked here. In my eyes she took from the approaching women customers some selected thing took off her alarm, rather neatly shrink-wrap and put it in a plastic bag with the logo of the store. Just like that, first I hung a pen packet in the "wrist", then put to buy and give to a customer, with a smile naturally. Next to it was the same young girls saleswomen and still smiling, as usual, like, come to us yet. And no one was going to help her. All were on an equal footing.
Now try to imagine and wonder whether we have in Russia a young girl without hands to work in fashion boutique, coming and going, so to speak, different women customers? Would the owner of this store? And in general, whether in Russia, the disabled in general, live a full life, at a time when the state, by the way ignores the needs of the disabled, shyly pretending there is no problem at all. In Norway, I have not seen a single public toilet, where there is no equipment for disabled people.
Here's an example outside toilet. Wide enough for a wheelchair.

and then immediately visible concern also about the blind.
You are what you want, but personally I was very touched and impressed.
Definitely, it is a strong will of the state, expressed in the strict requirements to the arrangement, for example, trains or ferries. I'm not really sure what the Russian rail car is easy to call for a wheelchair. In Norway, it all has long been accustomed to, everywhere should be a place for people with disabilities.


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