Unusual lawsuits

The singer sued the opera
French tenor Roberto Alagna suffered a crushing fiasco during a speech at the Milan opera winter of 2007.
At a press conference after the speech, he said that the greatest number of hostility and negative emotions poured out at him from the sector,
where there were employees of the opera, which greatly affected his health. He said, "imagine what I went through,
When you shout "thanked" and you sincerely is laid out and well sing? ". After this incident, Roberto is going to sue
on the Milan opera and seize a couple of tens of thousands of dollars for damage to his health, because in the words of Alberto, even blood sugar
in his blood fell to a dangerous level, and all could have ended in tears ...

It turns out that advertising is lying!

former high school friends and girlfriends want to contact him through the site, he was very surprised, but took out his wallet and paid the premium subscription services of this website. Spending $ 15 for it, he waited for the sea of ​​letters from former school beauties. And then he opened the shocking truth - no one, absolutely no one was going to write to him, and the information on the banner was only enticing text online service like odnoklassnikov.ru. Anthony is very angry and filed in the District Court of San Diego in the company that owns the site Classmates.com, because it uses the so-called scum, that is, simply, cheating customers and to attract them to levy fees on the premium access to the system. Amount of claim reaches the millions of dollars that the system has received from its customers without giving them the promised return.

Who sued most?

Guinness World Records as the person who filed the most complaints to different people and not only! On hearing this, Jonathan himself has filed a lawsuit against the most Guinness World Records for having it published the information without the consent of parts with the record itself. And now a short list of lawsuits filed by Jonathan: against coach New England Patriots Bill Belichick against former US President George W. Bush against Somali pirates against Britney Spears against Martha Stewart (a very rich and famous in the United States person) against the ancient Greek philosopher Plato against the French doctor and soothsayer Nostradamus against Lincoln Memorial against the Eiffel Tower against the island Three Mile Island, which is a nuclear power plant, among others. Man can understand - in jail so boring, and now he is a celebrity, and expertise for the future dialed

He sued the company for their betrayal

Gabriella Nagy of Toronto filed a lawsuit against the local mobile operator at $ 600,000 for the fact that because of his actions (in her opinion) left her husband. What happened? The young lady was walking on the side, or in other words, to meet other men, being married, and one day he came home in the mail account for telephone services in which a significant portion of time and money held calls one particular number. The husband became interested in what this number called back, spoke to the person on the other end and left, leaving his wife with the unpaid loan and two children. I wonder how the opinion of Gabriela, the company had to do? Whispered to her invoice to pay bills over the phone? By the way, the name of the mobile operator - Rogers Wireless. In comments to the claim of a company representative said the company is not responsible for the personal affairs of their subscribers, regardless of the method of payment for its services. What, in general, the logical and correct, in which case only sorry for the children that they are stupid parents.


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