People immured alive by court

Bailiffs Novosibirsk by the decision of the Leninsky district court erected a wall in an apartment in the house on the street Kotovskogo, after the family could not agree on the division of property. As a result, one of the owners Andrew Lavrichenko with his mother Elena were walled up, out on the street they have one - through the window on the fourth floor.

"Fifteen years ago, my father bought a second apartment on our landing by issuing it to his younger brother - says Andrew Lavrichenko. - He's my brother and I got all the necessary permits, re two apartments into one: did it five rooms, one, of course, the kitchen, one entrance to the apartment from the landing. There we lived with my mother, brother and grandmother all these years. After his father's death in 2003, his younger brother, he - my uncle, he is - my godfather - decided to sell its part of the united apartment. By law, he would have to first issue the necessary documents. But he did not do that, because is a long and troublesome, and on the advice of "good people" addressed to the Leninsky court against and asked the court to evict me from that part of the apartment, which is located in the kitchen and the front door, in the part of it where my room, bathroom, and more two rooms - a mother and grandmother, and that I had not left his place - to build a capital wall. With the direct help all the same "good people" my uncle won in court the claim. I appealed the judge's decision Raven in all courts of the Russian Federation. Bailiffs themselves also went to court, because they believed that the decision to execute - wall up man - absurd. Always answer is that the judge's decision Raven lawful and justified, and have to be fulfilled in due time. When today I really bricked and can not get out of the apartment - it's not a joke, it came bailiffs with a group of software (ie with guns - everything as it should be), performed the judge's decision and Raven gave me this ruling " .


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