Most unusual punishment invented by the court for various crimes.

In this post I will tell you about the most unusual punishments invented by the court for various crimes.

Teens who have been forced to go around the city with a donkey and a sign of apology

Chief Judge of the Municipal Court in the American city of Painesville, Ohio A. Chikkonetti widely known for its extraordinary sentences.

So, in 2003, two teenagers from the village Feyrport Harbor stolen and mutilated statue of the Infant Jesus, which was part of the sculpture for the Christmas performances. Chikkonetti judge ordered them to pass through the streets of the town with a donkey and a sign reading, "Sorry for the trick donkey".

19-year-old Jessica Lange and Brian Patrick also had to replace the statue at his own expense, undergo drug treatment advice. In addition, they received 45 days of hard labor.

The teenager, who was sentenced to ten years in the church

17-year-old from the US state of Oklahoma was convicted of murder with aggravating circumstances. While drunk, he got in an accident, which killed one of his friends. Rather than send Tyler Alredu in prison, the judge sentenced him to attend all church services for ten years.

Judge Mike Norman sentenced him to ten years' probation, during which ordered the teenager to successfully complete university and school welders, undergo an annual tests for drug and alcohol addicted, worn on the wrist bracelet electronic monitoring of drugs and alcoholic substances, attend a program to prevent drunken driving "Victims 'Impact Panel "and go to church services during these ten years.

Twenty-five years the Spaniard, who is obliged to leave home and find work

Twenty-five Spaniards in the court writ had to leave his father's house, and finally find a job after he sued the parents for what they have ceased to supply it with handheld tools.

Residents of the southern Spanish region of Andalusia sued the mother and father after they got tired of feeding his son-boarder. Its damage he estimated at 400 euros monthly compensation.

Instead of the expected victory, the unfortunate lad waited failure: family court №5 from Malaga made a decision not in favor of the plaintiff, who, incidentally, has a law degree. The court ordered him to leave his father's house for 30 days and start an independent life.

The woman was sentenced to five prison CHRISTMAS

Fraud Betina Young conducted the scam with a driver's license for illegal immigrants was sentenced to imprisonment for every Christmas for five years. That's right - three days, including Eve On 24 December and 26 December next day swindler should be in camera. On other days it may be on the loose.

If Yang would not avoid prison Christmas party, then it will leave on a five-year suspended sentence. And if you try to Betina not appear at the appointed time, waiting for her 15 years of real jail time.

Bailiff David Petikas believes that this Christmas event was named after Judge Holbrooke "Holbrukskie holidays" makes parole liberated people to think about what awaits them if they continue to engage in illegal activities.

The judge who ordered the mother to shave off a daughter in the courtroom

Mother thirteen girl was angry the proposal to shorten the court for his daughter's hair in order to get lesser punishment for committed against someone else's kid offense.

Caitlin burst and her eleven-girlfriend committed hooligan actions against helpless three-year girl in a fast food restaurant McDonald's in Price US state of Utah.

Having bought a pair of scissors to the nearest shopping store, they brutally cut long curls on the head of a poor child. The court awarded her a sentence of 30 days of house arrest and payment of expenses of the victim and her girlfriend 276 hours of hard labor for the benefit of public utilities of the city.

However, her mother, Valerie Bruno nevertheless accepted the offer of the Court of reduction of labor service up to 150 hours if it commits such acts of hooliganism against his daughter, cut off her long hair in the courtroom.

The judge gave Mrs Bruno pair of scissors, pointing to it, to what level should be cut off, "ponytail" his daughter. In this case, the defendant lost strands of hair on her head until the locking pins.

Judge Johansen ordered the second small "sinner" and shorten the hair, but she was allowed to do it in a hairdressing salon.

Reperskoy music fan, who was forced to listen to 20 hours of classical music

Andrew Vaktor was fined $ 150, as in July, he listened to rap music too loud in his car. However, the judge offered to reduce the fine to $ 35, if the defendant will hold 20 hours of my life listening to classical music - Bach, Beethoven and Chopin.

Municipal Court Judge Susan Fornof Champaign County-Lippenkot wished to Vaktor felt what it is - listen to music, which is not pleasant.

But dvadtsatichetyrёhletnego Vaktora was only enough for 15 minutes of initiation to the classical music world. Vaktor justified that rap - it's not his favorite music, just the way he wanted to be "their" among members of the basketball team at the University of Urbana.


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