What hours are the Ukrainian authorities (17 photos)

The eldest son, Viktor Yanukovych Alexander lit a very expensive jewelry.
He lit up the clock on the hand Ulysse Nardin, the cost of which is 42, 5 thousand dollars.
I suggest you see the whole collection of wealthy members of the judiciary in Ukraine :)



Chairman of the Economic Court of Kirovograd region Vladimir Balik
LOUIS ERARD Heritage Classique 73255AA02 - $ 1401


Chairman of the Appeal Court of the Transcarpathian region Kregul Nikolai
Revue Thommen 10012.2567 - $ 1164


The judge of the Economic Court of Donetsk region Leyba Maksim Aleksandrovich
Maurice Lacroix LC1008-SS001-330 - $ 1400


Judge Sevastopol Economic Court of Appeal Evdokimov Igor V.
Charmex Zermatt Retrograde Big Date Calendar Watch 1956 - $ 1,400


Chairman of the Economic Court of Poltava region Valeriy A.
Tsilenko Louis Erard Heritage «Off-Center Dial» ref: 92256 - $ 725


Chairman of the District Administrative Court of Kiev, a member of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine Pavel V. Wolf
Breitling Transocean Day & Date A4531012.BB69.435X.A20BA.1 - $ 4,600


Yemelyanov Arthur Stanislavovich - another judge of the Economic Court of Donetsk, who suddenly for 2 years has made a career, hitting the rotating presidency of the Kiev Economic Court of Appeal
Breguet Classique 5157BB / 11 / 9V6 - $ 18800


Odious former chairman of the Pechersk district court - Vladimir Kolesnichenko.
The one that locked in cabinets and clutched at the table to the deputies did not learn with furniture.
He has 2 years working chairman of the High Council of Justice
Breguet Classique 5177BB / 29 / 9V6 white gold for $ 23,700, but in Europe it is 5 thousand. Cheaper.


Temkizhev Hazhmuridovich Igor Chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine.
Longines L2.672.4.73.4 Evidenza Automatic Power Reserve of $ 2,400


A judge of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine Alexander
Udovichenko wears a watch Vacheron Constantin The Jubile 1755 85250 / 000G-9141 for $ 41, 500.00,
but if it is not white gold and platinum, the price jumps gun on 5 thousand. dollars.


2, 5 years ago, Natalia G. Zinchenko was permanently appointed judge of the Economic Court of Zaporozhye region,
but six months ago Higher Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine had time to bring to disciplinary responsibility for handling citizen Gordievskogo VM
It is not surprising that this lady hiding her diamonds on the watch Van Der Bauwede LILY for $ 8000, although in Switzerland are worth 2 thousand. Cheaper.


Judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Vyacheslav Ovcharenko A.
Breguet Marine Chronograph 5827bb / 12 / 9z8 - the manufacturer offers a price of $ 32,400, but they are already on the market are $ 27000.


Andrew Strizhak fired from the post of judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, due to the age of 65.
In his place he was elected Alexander Litvinov, another judge of Donetsk. Power continues to strengthen its COP.
Ulysse Nardin Dual Time 246-55 / 32 - $ 22,200, but as for the Constitutional Court judges, according to the declaration, which they declare each year half a million hryvnia, it is probably available hours.


This is one judge from Donetsk, who 2 years ago became a judge of the Constitutional Court.
Shaptala Natalia K. is on the left hand Ulysse Nardin Caprice Diamonds 133-91C-691 somewhere in the $ 7-10 thousand. Dollars.


Inna Otrosh, chairman of the Pechersk District Court. He wears glasses by Cartier for $ 1,000 and watch Chopard «La Strada» for $ 12,000



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