Giant snake in the experiment did not have human

Viewers of the Discovery channel on December 7 could be witnessing a very shocking experiment called "Eaten alive". The essence of this experiment was to attempt to make a giant Anaconda eaten alive naturalist Paul Rosoli selected to become dinner for a giant snake. Unfortunately or fortunately, millions gathered in front of television viewers from the USA were disappointed: the Anaconda did not want to have scientist.

About a month before the telecast of "Eaten alive" broadcast (originally broadcast it was going in the recording, not live), the Discovery channel has released two promo.

As the creators of the experiment wanted to ensure that after such a deadly feast the Floor was still alive, for he has developed a special protective suit (which you can read in a separate article), is able to keep him alive in the stomach of the snake, and to provide a person with a three-hour oxygen supply.

However, in the field, the creators of the TV shows and the Floor of Rosoli failed to verify fully the security of the protective suit. Planned experiment failed because Anaconda did not want to swallow the man, despite the fact that the suit was covered in pig's blood to snake people in it more seemed like a real catch.

The show "Eaten alive" during the first 90 minutes talked about how scientists in the forests of the Amazon were searching for a suitable snake. The right candidate in the end was found, and all the spectators with bated breath waited for the climax experiment. However, in the final half an hour they could see just how Anaconda bites and strangles the Floor, not wanting to swallow him whole.

In some point of the experiment, the naturalist panicked as the snake began to twine around his head and try to death grip to break his bones.

"The snake was right in front of my face. The last thing I remember was her mouth wide open," says Paul Rosoli.

"I kept thinking, "eat, Eat, well, eat me already!". However, it is strongly wrapped around me, and I could feel my suit starting to give up the slack. Snake at this point has focused on my hand. I felt the blood drain from her and the bone begins to resist bending. I decided to stop the experiment when he realized that the arm bone is about to snap".

After the call for help team members experiment saved the Floor from the deadly embrace of the snake. Later of course the brave naturalist added that if not for specially designed protective suit, in the best case, he would have survived in the first ten seconds of the start of the experiment, such a powerful snake had a grip.

Of course, the audience are eagerly awaiting this unique experience was somewhat disappointed with his result, why didn't scruple to run and cry about it on the social networks:

"I want my two hours of life. It is not eaten!" "Almost is", "So the snake will not eat a guy whole? What a fake I went to bed", "Incredibly disappointed in the show "Eaten alive". To sit two hours in front of the TV, to see how the snake licks the top of the head of this guy?" such reviews have appeared on many pages on Twitter.

Interesting here is that earlier Paul Rosoli and on the Discovery channel in General was a barrage of criticism from various organizations for the protection of animals. In side there are representatives of PETA ("People for the ethical treatment of animals"). Paul, in turn, noted that he was even threatened.

To boycott and disrupt the experiment the animal has even posted a petition on the website which in the end has collected 40 thousand signatures, demanding to ban the airing of the TV show "Eaten alive". But by the time of the collection of these signatures experiment with the Anaconda has been completed and the organizer was to assemble the material and put it on the air.

Animal advocates worried that Anaconda would suffer for the glory of the stars out of the channel, to raise which, in their opinion, and like the creators of this "experiment". However, the Paul Rosoli says that the task was quite different — namely, to draw people's attention to the problem of disappearing forests of the Amazon.

"I personally saw how destroyed the Amazon rainforest. And we are the last generation that can save them," says Paul.

"This issue demands strong attention from the public. Is to be eaten alive by a giant snake living in the local woods, is not the best way to shock people and in the end draw their attention to these places?"

By the way, in earlier interviews in response to the numerous criticism the naturalist talked about the fact that I would never hurt an animal, and the Anaconda in particular.

Concerned for the fate of the snake environmentalists-the creators of the series tried to calm by announcing that the Anaconda that took part in the experiment alive, completely healthy and released back into the wild.

To possible joy disappointed by the climax of the experiment of the audience, the idea of being eaten alive is not delivered to the final point. Paul Rosoli shared that when the team was looking for in the Amazon forest suitable for transmission to the serpent, they found the Anaconda is much larger than the one they eventually chose. It is likely that her scientists come back later and the TV show will continue.

The show "Eaten alive" Discovery channel in English can be viewed below. For those with the language is not familiar, I advise you to wait until 21 December, when the Discovery Channel in Russia will show this experiment already with a Russian translation.

Discovery Channel — Eaten Alive — FULL Episode

Eaten Alive Anaconda Special naturalist is and wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie enters the belly of an anaconda in a custom-built snake-proof suit. Paul Rosolie [big hairy balls] uses a custom-built snake-proof suit to enter the belly of an anaconda.



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