If you are attacked by an anaconda

What should you do if you were attacked by an anaconda?

(excerpt from the manual for members of the Peace Corps, working in the Amazon jungle)
Anaconda - the largest snake in the world, it is even more than a boa constrictor. The length of the anaconda can reach 10 meters and weigh 150 kilograms.

1. If you are attacked by an anaconda, do not run. It still moves faster.
2. Lie on your back. Close your legs and keep your arms to the body.
3. Press the chin to the chest.
4. The snake starts to crawl on you.
5. Do not panic.
6. After you study the snake, it will begin to swallow your feet - Anaconda always starts with the feet. Let it swallow the feet and ankles. In no case do not panic!
7. Then the snake starts to swallow you further. It takes a lot of time and all the time you'll have to lie perfectly still.
8. When the snake swallow your legs at the knee, begin to act - slowly, trying to make as little unnecessary motion, pull out a knife and carefully enter it in the side of the mouth of the snake. Then, abruptly jerk up the knife, cutting her head.
9. Always carry a knife.
10. The knife must be sharp.

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