Top 10 strongmen of nature

The article includes a list of the strongest animals in the world, compiled on the basis of a series of abilities and facts. This included different animals have one thing in common — their tremendous power, superior to the human in the tens or even hundreds of times. Nature never ceases to amaze with their own unique abilities — You'll be surprised how strong you can be some individuals. Let's start with the elephant...

African elephant

The elephant is the strongest mammal and most powerful land animal. African elephant can carry up to 9,000 kg, and the weight of 130 adult humans.


The gorilla can carry a load of more than 10 times her body weight. This strong animal can lift about 2,000 kg (which is approximately equal to the weight of 30 people).

Grizzly Bear

A grizzly bear can lift over 500 kg, and that means it can carry a weight approximately equal to his body weight. It's certainly not as impressive as in the case of the gorilla, but few would argue that the bear is one of the strongest animals in the world.


The ox is often used for plowing, or for the transportation of goods in India. An ox can pull and carry something weighing up to 900kg, 1.5 times its body weight. This is a very useful and low-maintenance animal.


The Anaconda is the largest and most powerful snake that can easily strangle and swallow the animal of equal weight. And body mass anacondas can easily reach 250 pounds. Imagine her strength and huge size is not only the strongest but also one of the most dangerous animals in the world.


The tiger is one of the most powerful predators that can catch and drag the victim, twice his own mass and even to raise it into the tree. And the weight of the tiger can reach 550 pounds — imagine how serious this is! This is one of those animals with whom it is better not to be face-to-face in the wild, or there will be serious consequences.


The eagle is the strongest bird that can fly with a load four times its own body weight. Flying with such a burden requires tremendous force, because this bird has such huge wings, beak and powerful legs.


Strong animal — not necessarily a big animal. The beetle may be small but it can haul cargo, to 1,141 times its body weight. This is similar to the person who could pull six buses full of people. Dung beetle is not only the strongest insect in the world, but also the most powerful being on earth!


From a saltwater crocodile has the strongest bite force in the world. Saltwater crocodile can reach more than 4.5 meters in length, and the pressure of the bite reaches 2.2 tons per square inch. Males of large size can be even stronger and the bone to eat as well as You have your morning cake. 5-metre saltwater crocodile can kill an adult in one bite.


Mammal with the largest bite force can also accelerate to 50 kilometers per hour. In this case, a huge beast power supported by enormous speed and you get a double advantage.



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