10 interesting facts about the giant anaconda

Snakes - being themselves unattractive. Occasionally someone they cause sympathy and desire to stroke. In our latitudes is unlikely you will meet someone or larger viper snake. But traveling in the tropics, you have all chances to see the world's largest snake - a giant anaconda.

Immediately start with a question that usually arises in all the first length of the snake. On average it is 5-6 meters. The longest of all caught reptiles anaconda is considered a length of almost eleven and a half meters. Live this individual was not maintained, but its length was officially registered. At the moment, the largest is the nine meter snake living in the Zoological Society of New York. The weight of this beauty gladkokozhey nearly 130 pounds. Color anacondas are also quite unusual and very different from other kinds of snakes. It is mainly gray-green with two rows of large oblong brown spots arranged in a checkerboard pattern. On the sides are talking a number of smaller yellow spots with a black border. This color is perfect disguises snake when she spends time in bottom waters among the fallen leaves and algae in anticipation of a new victim.

Live snakes in the tropical Amazon in remote places for a man, so accurate data on the number of anacondas no.

In the old books on zoology can sometimes be found the original name of "water boa." Indeed anaconda belongs to one of the subspecies of boas and spends most of his time in the water. But now this subspecies has its own name - a giant anaconda.

If the body of water, which is inhabited by a giant anaconda was dry and not near the other, the snake burrows into the wet mud and becomes dormant, which will last until the beginning of the rainy season. Without water anaconda can not exist.


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