Brad some 10 mistakes in Hollywood blockbusters, defying reason and logic

Sometimes it seems that Hollywood filmmakers - real brain amputees. How else to explain the existence of such delusional factual errors in their best films?! 1. "The Shawshank Redemption"

Whenever the shot fall chess, they surprise the viewer-seasoned chess player. In the movie, the lower right cell board somehow black, while all normal chess that cell white. After that you start to doubt - whether the hero of the film is really an intellectual, if he puts the figure not across and along the boards!

2. "Pearl Harbor"

As the concentration of delirium "Pearl Harbor" Michael Bay - one of the world champions. For example, there is sugar in the picture romantic scene when military pilot rolls girlfriend, a nurse on the plane. They fly, lisp, purr that sweet, mellifluous. In real life, they would have to yell at each other in the ear through a megaphone, as the Curtiss P-40 makes a racket of hell, as it should screw fighter. Also during the flight from the couple retained the perfect hair styling - despite all the frills of the aircraft with the coup.

3. "Back to the Future"

More about rock and roll. Canonical scene where Marty McFly "invented" rock 'n' roll in 1955 suffers from the small professional lyapom. Guitar Gibson ES-345, though visually associated with Chuck Berry, but was only established in 1958.

4. "Jaws"

In the scene of the attack shark Brody frightened she manages somehow to sail back. Although sharks are not in principle have the option "back up" as standard.

5. "Anaconda"

What gets up shark - seeds compared with the adventures of a giant anaconda that the entire film screams and growls ominously. It is strange that the scenario anaconda did not speak in a human voice. By the way, this anaconda is not interested voraciously devour the crowd of tourists. These reptiles are usually eaten by someone big and tasty, easily digested and then a few days.

6. "Die Hard"

When a TV expert analyzes the situation with the hostages, he begins to speak of the "Helsinki Syndrome" (meaning, of course, the Stockholm syndrome).

7. "Saving Private Ryan"

German tanks "Tiger" played in the film by the Soviet T-34 tanks. This can be seen if you look closely to their makeup. However, for a military movie is in order.

Another gaffe essentially illiterate, but incredibly common. German sniper (we look at the scene through his eyes) says the soldier who fired at him. He saw the flash, hear the sound of the shot, and immediately gets shot in the eye. Everyone who went to school, knows that the bullet flying at supersonic speeds because a person is killed by a shot, could not hear it before this.

8. "Gladiator"

A typical mistake good half of the historical battle film - the archers began to shoot, the commander gives the command "Fire!» («Fire!»). But you yourself, then think what the fuck "Fire"? This command was invented in the era of firearms. Instead, commanded by "go!" Or something like that.

9. "Terminator 2: Judgment Day"

Physically savvy moviegoers made quite amusing calculation that personally I would not come to mind. So, at the last minute tape Terminator T1000 falls into the molten steel and begins to sink. It is not flat on the surface - it automatically means that its density is higher than that of molten steel. A density of the molten steel where a ten-fold higher than that of the human body. It is easy to calculate that the T1000 should weigh no less than 700 kilograms. And because he is unable to ride a bike, jump on the cars (do not flatten them), to control the helicopter, and so on throughout the story.

10. "Gravity"

Every 90 minutes, Sandra Bullock faced circulate debris orbiting satellites. That is all this debris moved much faster space stations. But the objects hovered around the planet at different speeds, they must be in orbit of different heights, that is, they can not meet. It's the law. You can probably start to calculate the tricky options geostationary stations, but in the film they are clearly not geostationary. Version with oncoming traffic does not work - smart people have calculated that if the period between collisions amounted to 45 minutes.

11. "Schindler's List"

Connoisseurs of East European History claim that in Czechoslovakia in 1940, there could be no electric railways. And yet clearly visible electrical cables in the scene arrival of the train.

A geography of Eastern European experts assert that between Auschwitz and Krakow has never been a mountain. However, the film shows a train that overcomes these miserable 50 kilometers on the mountain landscape.

12. "Braveheart"

And finally, the main historical disappointment. It appears in the thirteenth century, the Scots have not worn any kilts, skirts, and dressed like a normal person in saffron dresses. Dresser Mel Gibson missed 400 years.

And the real William Wallace went to the old GDR-ovskom "Trabant", not the horse. Although there is indeed a horse - checked in "Wikipedia».



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