Challenge: go a step above or a step below

When a person is confronted with something superior to the apparent limits of his capabilities — he is going through initiation. In the slave world, based on the concept of carrot and stick, considered to be the points of initiation of punishment, and sooner or later people believe in punishment hardens with a mute question "For what?"

People with the concept of punishment, you learn to live with bitterness in heart, they think that the universe is unfair to them. Of course "fair" universe behaved about the same as Goldfish in the famous fairy tale by Pushkin and in the end came to be in the service of the whims of someone's whimsical personality. As it is not so!

The main question of any initiation: "For what?" "Why did I get into this mess?" "How am I gonna be when she get out?" "What can I do, is it?"

My old friend by accident (!) hit the years of the Afghan war as a nurse in the hospital of particularly dangerous infections 60 kilometers from the border with Pakistan on the ninth, the most difficult year of the war. More hell hard to imagine. The fact that she had to find in this initiation that the universe doesn't aim to kill, we're talking about something else.

When the mother ceases to carry a child in her arms and feed from the spoon, of course she's not punishing, she wants the child to develop the capabilities and skills which did not exist before. So he took his strength.

"All that attacked us, not our adopted power." If you look at the events in my life this way, looks very funny: the universe holds its arduous and sacred gift, and the person or perturbation repels: "Take not mine!", or yelling obscenities good: "For what have I done?!" The question is not whether that person did in order to get it, and what to do when it receives this gift.

A very difficult gift is a call to service. Not the army of course. A call to service to the Creator. The universe pulls a person out of hibernation Philistine mind and gives him other opportunities, translates into another lane of perception, if initiated by the courage and strength to move on.

How does it happen? Examples are numerous. My mother began writing poetry after her own hands had to get out of the loop someone hanged her father, my grandfather. For a while she was then in a strong shock, and then she started coming verses. Poems are not usual poems, legends, poems, Proverbs. It is to share these poems with people.

I know many people who have manifested new abilities and opportunities after various injuries and turmoil. In my picture of the world the need of trauma or shock occurs when a person sits for a long time, enjoying the fact that he was all right, oblivious to the fact that the planet is one for all. Thus, in a state of initiation are entire Nations.

Initiation is always a challenge. And in my picture of the world before the challenge occurs, the person is asking for help the Universe. It is hard to believe that help can come in the form of a challenge, when really there is no way to avoid growing up. You have to choose.

Very clear moment of such a call is shown in the movie "the Island" by Pavel Lungin. For those who have not seen the following story: during the war, the Germans offer the protagonist the choice to kill his friend or be killed himself. Very old, traditional men's challenge: to give life or to take someone else's. As if the man has not arrived — he will not remain the same.

Many in our culture are proud of their ancestors warriors. I am also proud of my grandfather. He was a sapper in the penal battalion. Cleared mine fields set by the Germans. Minefield front, rear detachments — the choice is simple: do you want to go to the mines, you want to go on the bullet.

Grandfather told the story of how I accidentally met face to face with the German. They looked at each other and not to shoot. The German turned and went to her, my grandfather turned around and went to her. I don't know what they had to go putting the enemy back. My grandfather was a warrior. He was a farmer. If he'd stayed a simple farmer after all its initiations? Of course not. He became a priest, although he had no rank and did not serve in the Church.

To see a man of the enemy and kill him — one a choice to see the enemy and to spare him another. I'm not in any way condemn those who killed enemies, freeing their homeland. Their descendants can be justly proud of his ancestors, warriors.

I'm just saying that at the time of initiation one choice leads to certain consequences — is another choice to others. My grandfather was wounded (impersonal "it"), and after the hospital he was retired. He paid with blood and his "guilt" before the Soviet people and their right to permanently withdraw from the war. I am grateful to the German who did not shoot and perhaps now my age is telling his children this story. About how his grandfather had left the war.

I do not condemn those who choose to see people as enemies. War is sweet, victory is even sweeter. But I want to warn wishing to remain in the World War — the World War is so arranged that the war never ends. And enemies never ends. Eternal game "Doom". In a Big War you can not win.

My student working with a male client was amazed that for him to strangle the lion with his bare hands — the highest manifestation of courage. In her picture of the world the highest manifestation of courage is to show our love and peacefulness, so that the lion saw the man not enemy the prey. They are both right. Different worlds. Are subject to different rules. The man her client lives in the World war II — a student of mine in a parallel universe. "Translate me through the Maidan", — appealed to her man.

The whole country, the people and the planet can live your initiation. "Not to move ahead means to go back," — said the ancient. World war is simple, clear and has long been cultivated by mankind. His laws are also simple: kill or you will be killed; win or you win, to prove his innocence — or you will prove. Old as the world squirrel wheel of history. The laws of the world of love is difficult and unknown. And now many have to make a choice, to name a few of your initiation. And they can be very difficult to live.

Sometimes people accompanying initiated, trying to help him back to the Philistine consciousness, a beautiful state when "all is well and flies do not bite". The call and challenge to go a step above or a step below. To accommodate the pain and Express their soul, or harden and pain to reject. Not lived their pain, causes much pain to others. Hurt, because hurt.

In the wise cultures there is no concept of enemies and bad people. And by and large — any war is just a misunderstanding. Moment no grasp of rationality. Because the one law for all worlds: it is impossible to shoot someone and not get in himself, it is impossible to hurt someone and not hurt their souls. It is easy to observe in the kindergarten when the child hits another child and starts to cry.

President Franklin Roosevelt said that "when your neighbor's house is burning, you should lend him your garden hose". A thousand times "YES!" But when a neighbor's house is on fire, and he asks You a can of gasoline instead of a garden hose? What did You tell him? Or the neighbor went crazy or some reason he wants everything burned.

Now the twenty-first century. Mankind has accumulated a huge potential of social technologies that help to transform the conflict situation in the fighting. And those States and governments who prefer to choose between the development of social and military technologies, — the development of military technology, accidentally or deliberately disingenuous, claiming that they care about the world.


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And I remind you that on this planet there is only one state voluntarily from the army. Only one thing. And while the peoples of different Nations continue to be proud of victories of its soldiers more than the achievements of its peacekeepers — the war is over.

Care Universe about growing up can be very difficult and unexpected. Sometimes it comes in the form of a man with a gun who suddenly knocks on the door and asks, "do You still sincerely believe that enemies should be killed? And the barrel of the machine more useful wisdom?"

The challenge is the challenge. It just helps to make its power.published

Author: Vyacheslav Gusev


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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