The challenge and opportunities that we receive in connection with a Solar Eclipse on October 23 2014


About Solar eclipses written a lot. That is time for a change. That is the moment when you can actually change your fate. Their fatality. And it's true.

But there is one aspect of any Solar Eclipse, which will help You to truly understand its essence. Remember, every Solar Eclipse is a Challenge! The real challenge, which You can accept or not accept.

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Imagine that you are a long time to go on crutches. They can be elegant, practically invisible to you and others. You are used to them, they are for you — a natural extension of the arm and the third pivot point. That's why you don't see them and don't even think about it, if you can walk without them. Why? After all, they are.

Or you work in an organization and every day coming to work, find on your desktop a detailed action plan waste instructions what to do.

And suddenly, one day, you will not find neither crutches nor a plan! And in a panic you can't understand what it is and why it happened.

In fact it is your “doctor” and your “boss” decided to see what you can do. And what you will do. Show whether conscious will. If you decide to threaten on the bigger. Accept the Challenge or fall into passivity and accusations of insensitivity and lack of understanding of your needs and requirements.

And during Solar Eclipse in the role of our “doctors” and “chiefs” is the Universe. And if you've heard word about the possibility of ” improvements and bug fixes Karma”, you know — it really is possible to do during a Solar Eclipse. But do not forget that at this time her Karma, with the same success it is possible and to spoil!

But you remember what a Solar Eclipse is that a Challenge? And the Universe to the time of the Eclipse already knows exactly what we're capable of, how far you can go, to what heights to climb. And, taking us the usual “crutches” or a convenient “working plans” says — I know you can rise above! Show me what you got and I will reveal to you an incredible opportunity! So if your Fate you care about, start with the first step Practice of a Solar Eclipse. The ability to see not obstacles, but opportunities. The ability to perceive the problem as a Challenge. The ability to be fully aware that you deserve better.

What a challenge and what an opportunity we receive in connection with a Solar Eclipse Oct 23 2014?

The first is the Eclipse of Private. And this type of Eclipse maximum impact on the actual life of each of us. So get your priorities correct and in the day of the Eclipse direct their attention to their private lives, and not on political, government and world events. If You certainly not President and is not part of your job description.

Second, each Eclipse has a definite theme. And this topic is in the period of the Eclipse can occur at two levels — the mundane and the spiritual.

The theme of this Eclipse, taking place in the sign of Scorpio, at the everyday level will be sex, power, money. Regardless of your level of spiritual development, any of these areas can manifest itself in your life in the period of the Eclipse is very bright and intense. So, remember a few simple recommendations.


If you do not have a sexual partner, don't look for it these days and don't go for this kind of contacts in the period from 21 to 25 October. Unexpected or random connections in this period will not improve your Karma.

If you have a favorite and you really want your relationship lasted long and was intense and deep may all the joys of sex on 23-24 October. It works better than any “love spell” for many years, unlike the spell, it will be absolutely correct from the point of view of the Laws of the Universe.

If You have a sexual partner, but you are not sure you want to be with him in the future — in no case do not succumb to offers of sex during the Eclipse. If that happens it will be a relationship forever and you can't get rid of it. Even if You break up, you will be bound forever and it will be very difficult to experience pleasure with another partner.


Be careful at the period of Eclipse, because the intensity of the feelings will be prohibitive and the desire for power can make you go beyond the limits. The best way, which will open in this period — the Power of Love. Put yourself in the day of the Eclipse jewelry with pink quartz and Venus, one of the planets participating in this Eclipse, will be your protector and will protect from jealousy and revenge.


This solar Eclipse will open up the corridor to not just the big money and very big money. So be extremely attentive to this element at this time. From 23 to 26 October, anyone do not lend never lend money. Postpone major purchases, loans and stupid and senseless waste.

If You need alcohol, buy it in advance. The money spent on alcohol these days will significantly reduce your chances of coming in the future.

It is also very desirable not to drink alcohol on 23-24 October.

And don't forget that on the everyday level the energy of the sign Scorpio quite destructive, so try to spend the day of the Eclipse in a very relaxed atmosphere.

On a spiritual level, this Eclipse will give us the intensive deep transformation. Penetration into the essence of his Soul, traveling across the expanses of the Universe. During the Eclipse we can experience death and rebirth. We can get into a world of mysticism and witchcraft. The attainment of the eternal mysteries and the divine love.

And this experience of the Soul is so deep and intimate, that I strongly recommend you “swing” it into everyday conversations. If you feel that this Eclipse affects you in these topics — take a “vow of silence” on October 24. This will allow you not to spill the precious energy given to you by Eclipse.

In this regard, the level of manifestation of the Eclipse I have another bit of news that will touch all people deeply engaged in spiritual practices, spirituality, occult Sciences and healing. This Eclipse starts a process of deep and powerful sweep of the mass variety of people who are now in this thread. Especially it touches those who call themselves professionals in those fields. And the next 6 years will be for them a very important test, test and test their real knowledge and abilities, and their deeply hidden true desires and goals.

In this process, those who do not meet “the requirements of Peace,” just get away from the scene.

But for artists Eclipse of October 24, could be their finest hour. On this day their Souls will go into the space where the immortal works of art, forcing hundreds of thousands of people laugh and cry. And this is the kind of Power that increasingly will be demanded by the world. Create and bring it to life creative ideas born in the period 25-31 October. They have a great chance to raise you to the top.

And don't forget to put in a handbag or to wear. mascot purple, dark red or black. It will allow you to live the period of the Eclipse more harmoniously.

Be careful and don't think that the Eclipse will not affect you. Partial Solar Eclipse will change the lives of each of us. Take it as a wonderful Challenge!

And to all of Your underlying awareness of this Solar Eclipse is not dissolved in the bustle of everyday life, capture them, taking notes in your Spiritual Journal.

And use the tip of the Tips of the moon, to maintain an even emotional state in this difficult but so important to your life time.

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