Very original mosaic

"Coffee" Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa is certainly one of the most popular paintings ever before seen by mankind. It leaves its mark -
many independent artists to create their copies and remakes of famous paintings Leonardlo Da Vinci.

Michael Jackson the king of pop pills picture music created from hundreds of capsules of the drug under prescription. It seems to me mosaic creator Jason Meyser chose the pill is not accidental, it is well known that in recent years, Jackson was sitting firmly on drugs. But a portrait of Jackson - it's not the only work of Jason, he calmly makes such a mosaic of inexpensive materials that exist in any home - beans, noodles, yarn and candies.

Michael Jordan in the form of a mosaic of bottles unusual mosaic, which depicts the great basketball player Michael Jordan, created from bottles favorite athletes drink Gatorade, and partly to build the mosaic used Gatorade Limited Edition Jordan Series - spetsversii drink, released a limited edition on the day of celebration of the Hall of Fame Jordan Chicago, United States. Collect mosaics of 19,000 bottles helped longtime teammate Scottie Pippen, Michael.

mosaic of the bottles

Paintings, mosaics of pencils from Christian Fayer We take thousands of multi-colored wax pencils, mix thoroughly and get ... incredibly lifelike pictures! That's what makes the unusual mosaic Christian Fayer. Unfortunately it is not known how long it takes the creation of such a masterpiece, but I'm sure in a couple of nights just do not govern.

Snow White apple image Disney cartoon Snow White "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is familiar even to those who did not watch this cartoon. Not much is not enough six scenes from famous cartoon were recreated by the artist Prudence State, which specializes in food-art, ie, It creates a picture of the food. For the artist chose the apple of Snow White, and it took as many as 14 different varieties of apples.

This mosaic is interesting to us in the first place that was created from the 3604 cups of coffee.


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