20 ideas, after which you will not want to throw away old jeans

Probably, everyone will find a couple of jeans that have already served their own, but throw them still pity.

< Website 20 got hold of interesting ideas for remaking the most popular clothing in the world, which may be useful to you. If you have your good examples, boldly throw them in the comments - create a common fund

Teddy Bear

. To make a teddy bear, you'll need a little time and patience. Decorate it pieces of colored cloth, buttons, or buttons - and this bears, as you have, there will be none. How to sew it, see here.

Napkin cutlery

Original denim cloth decorate the table. How to make this, see here.


If your jeans frayed or torn at the knee, do not rush to throw them - make them into her bag for fruit, toiletries and other amenities. For detailed instructions, refer here

Case -. Organizer for a children's chair

Simple and functional way to collect art supplies in one place. Take a look here to get acquainted with the instruction.

Organizers useful things

These organizers will help to sort anything - from stationery to books. However, they will not look boring. On this site you will find step by step instructions.

Crown for little princes and princesses

How about a fairy crown? Sew her the strength to any beginner. Children are also happy to connect to the suturing of colored stars and rhombs. All the secrets of the crown here.


The idea is so simple in design that, even looking just at the picture, you can easily figure out how to do it.

Basket for anything

Original basket grace any dinner table at home and at the cottage. Photos and tips you will find on this site.

Cases gadgets

Such covers are sewn on one, two, even a novice.


And how do you such an idea? It will take 6-7 pairs of jeans and a little patience. Sew denim sun help on this site.

Denim poof

Another way to convert a worn but still strong jeans in a useful and stylish piece of furniture. The secrets of creating denim pouf divided here.

Christmas stocking

Preparing for the New Year will help you fun ideas and instructions posted here.

Rack magazines

Faded jeans, several metal tubes - and stylish stand for magazines, books and newspapers ready. Description of the process will find on this site.

Christmas decorations on the Christmas tree

These toys make the Christmas tree is not only bright, but also safe for small children. How to make Christmas ornaments, look here.

Stand teapot

The cozy stand for the kettle make it easy if you follow the instructions in pictures.

organizer for small items with multiple pockets

This pocket organizer is useful in any home. How to make it, this blogger shares.

Stand cup

Make a gift with their own hands easily - would be jeans at your fingertips! For example, the original stand for the cup. Instructions on its creation here.

Fruit Baskets

Keep fruit in a basket jeans and stylish, and comfortable. Weave such a miracle teach here.

Aprons creativity

Apron for young painters, sculptors, architects and those who love to head given creativity. Little artists will appreciate the pockets. Sew this apron - simple. See here how to do it.

Bag for storing toys

Such bags help compact to store toys. Detailed instructions on creating is here.

Photos on the preview: 611diy.com, ohohblog

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