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In mid-September, the State Duma introduced a bill to create a fourth federal city, which should become Novosibirsk. I can not judge it necessary to us or not, but here's what to think. Perhaps soon Novosibirsk rise in line with Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol, but there are a bunch of people who know about my hometown just what it is and where it is in Siberia. And it was so sad. And against the background of such thoughts the idea to write this post. I hope someone will be interested.

I. A little history
When you tell about the city, then no history anywhere. The first thing I want to draw your attention to is the fact that the city only 121 years and, roughly speaking, when my great-grandparents still there except forest nichrome was not!

So. Many of the city can be called certain people their founding fathers. In Novosibirsk, the same was not such a man. But was Transsiberian. In 1893, on the banks of the Ob appeared settlement of bridge builders. Usually, after the completion of such settlements are empty, but in 1897, when the bridge was built in Novo Nicholas there were already 8,000 inhabitants. And in 1903 the settlement was granted city status. Due to the fact that the city converged Transsiberian, a waterway on the river Ob and w / d branch of the Altai, Novonikolayevsk became a major trading center.

View of the railroad bridge and the temple of Alexander Nevsky.

Well, after the city was growing at a tremendous speed. Until the early 90's the population decreased only during the revolution and civil war, which by the way and gave Novonikolayevsk status as a center of Siberia. After rapid establishment of Soviet power, in 1921, was established with the edge of the Siberian capital Novonikolaevsk that during the struggle with all the king's renamed Novosibirsk.

Sung policy breathed life into the industry. The city literally begins construction boom. Practically all the historical monuments of the city built during this time. Opens up many industrial enterprises. By 1939, the city population was already 404,000 people. Well, after a war ...

The very center of Novosibirsk, the future Lenin Square.

In the first months of the war arrived in Novosibirsk experts and equipment for more than 50 factories. Production at the evacuated equipment starts even before the buildings were completed for his placement. During the war years the industry Novosibirsk 8 times increased output.

Shop factory Chkalov during the war.

Deposited in Novosibirsk and brought thousands of museum exhibits. In a still unfinished building opera and ballet theater housed exhibits of state museums of Moscow, Leningrad, Sevastopol, and other cities. Specialized military train delivered in Novosibirsk 12,000 paintings and sculptures from the State Tretyakov Gallery. Huge boxes imported horses in the building being built opera house for a month. In Novosibirsk rescued legendary panorama defense of Sevastopol in the Russian-Turkish war, which was taken from the already besieged Sevastopol on a warship. In several places the huge canvas was already burnt through. And restorer of the Tretyakov Gallery saved from further destruction of 86 surviving fragments of paintings.

After the war, some businesses remain in Novosibirsk. Just left and most of the evacuees. The city continues to develop accelerated pace. In the 50's the city built the first bridge across the Ob and Novosibirsk HPP. And in the years 1958-1961 was called the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences. Because of the large-scale construction projects in the city are moving more and more people, and as a result in 1962 was born in the city of one million inhabitants. As a result, Novosibirsk set a world record by population growth - a million inhabitants in 70 years. Record not broken until now.

Academic Building.

II. Little pathos
In Novosibirsk, a lot of things with the status of "Most ...". As for me, so their list is not modest =) But the city was built in the Soviet Union, and then it was bad form not to build a "thing." So what do Novosibirsk Himself?

1. The largest theater in Russia
Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.
A huge monumental building of the opera house in the center of Novosibirsk has become a symbol of the city. Originally approved project changed several times already during construction and in fact was the first theater in Novosibirsk protracted. It was built in 1931 by 1944ty.

Theatre on the opening day.

Modern look

The auditorium

2. The largest zoo in Russia.
Novosibirsk Zoo covers an area of ​​60ga. It contains about 11,000 specimens 702 species. Zoo is included in numerous international programs and organizations. Of particular interest is his collection of cat zoo.

The main entrance to the Novosibirsk Zoo

Well, there is of course their stars. For example the last surviving descendants of Cape lions exterminated in Africa almost a century ago.

Ligritsa Zita - a hybrid between a lion and a dad-mom-tigress. The photo with the kittens Zita-liligryatami.

And of course the best Star Novosibirsk Zoo - a pair of polar bears Kay and Gerda.

3. The world's longest metro bridge
2145 meters long bridge.

4. The longest straight street
The length of the street Krasny Prospect approximately 7 km.

5. The largest planetarium in the Urals
The diameter of the dome of the Novosibirsk large planetarium is 16 meters.

6. The largest library in the Urals and the largest scientific and technical library Eurasia
State Public Scientific and Technical Library of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences. Library Holdings has about 14 million. Units publications.

7. The largest scientific center of Russia
Akademgorodok includes 46 research institutes.

8. The largest business incubator Siberia
Novosibirsk Academpark (Technopark)

9. The largest exhibition center in the Urals
Novosibirsk Expocentre

10. The largest international airport in the Urals.
Tolmachevo Airport

11. The longest arch bridge in the Urals
Olovozavodskoy Bridge. Movement on it will open in early October this year.

Overall immediately recall all remarkable very hard. At this perhaps everything, and then the post can grow to unprecedented proportions. And lastly for those interested in a twenty filmets of Novosibirsk. Thank you all =)

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