12 most populous cities in the world. Against the background of Moscow seems underpopulated!

Getting in the rush hour to work, do you think that a more populated area than your city in the world does not exist. A particularly difficult situation is in the capital, with its many kilometers of traffic jams and storm the crowded subway. However, our city is not the most densely populated places on the planet. Edition Ofigenno.cc will acquaint you with a dozen cities with the highest population density.

Rating of cities with the highest population density was compiled magazine Forbes. We would like to note that the data are rather conventional, as to determine the density of the population considered the official figures the number of residents. So in fact, in view of visitors, population density may be even higher. In addition, there are different interpretations of the definition of urban areas because megacities have no clear boundaries, often merging together with its many suburbs.

12. Lima
It opens a list of our capital of Peru - Lima. With a population of slightly more than 7, 5 million people, density of population reaches 11,750 people per square kilometer. For comparison, in the same ranking of population density in Moscow is only 9 682 people per square kilometer.

11. Bogota ​​b>
On the line up was the capital of neighboring Colombia. With a population of more than 7 million residents of Bogota density is 13 500 people per square kilometer.

10. Chennai
On the tenth place is the Indian city of Chennai, which until recently was known as Madras. It has a modest population - about 6 million people, but the density of population reaches 14,350 individuals per square kilometer in the city.

9. Taipei
Next is the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. By the way, the country is officially called the Republic of China, please do not confuse the People's Republic of China, which is located on the mainland. With a population of Taipei in the amount of 5, 7 million, its density is 15 200 people per square kilometer.

8. Seoul
The above line, is the capital of South Korea, Seoul. The city has a population density of awesome - 17, 5 million people. A per square kilometer 16,700 people.

7. Shenzhen
On the seventh line rating it turned out to Chinese Shenzhen. With 8 million population of the city, the concentration of people is 17 150 people per square kilometer.

6. Lagos
Slightly higher climbed the Nigerian port city of Lagos. Its population exceeds 13 million people and a density of 18,150 people per square kilometer.

5. Shanghai
Synonym densely populated metropolis, the Chinese Shanghai, occupies only the fifth place ranking. The population density here is 18 630 people per square kilometer, and the total number of people - about 14 million.

4. Karachi
One step away from the three leaders appeared Pakistani city of Karachi. With a population of about 10 million people per square kilometer accounted for 18 900 inhabitants.

3. Dhaka
Conditional bronze in our rating received the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka. The number of its inhabitants does not reach 10 million people, but the concentration of people exceeds the limit - 23 029 people per square kilometer area!

2. Kolkata ​​b>
Second place goes to the Indian Kolkata. The population of metropolitan area has exceeded 14 million, and the density of population is 23 900 people per square kilometer!

1. Mumbai
And the winner of the ranking was another Indian city - Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay. With a population of about 14 million per square kilometer accounted for 28 515 people. In terms more familiar to us square meters for each inhabitant of the city is 35 "squares." And this is not the size of living space, and a piece of the entire city for one person!

Now, stuck in a traffic jam or pushing another in a crowded subway, I'll always remember that in the world there are places where much more closely than we have. If you liked this fascinating information on the most densely populated cities in the world, then share them with your friends.

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