Densely populated Islands in the world

A long time ago, these Islands were covered with greenery and fragrant like. Outside the window the twenty-first century and we have the opportunity to observe some of the most densely populated Islands on the planet. Now you need to know on which Islands it is.

From the Colombian Caribbean coast is a tiny island of Santa Cruz del Islam. On the island, one can count about 90 houses, which are home to about 720 students. But when the weekend come back to their families those who work on the mainland, the number of nasiliia could reach 1,200. There is no electricity and a huge problem with drinking water.But almost no insects, which on the mainland is a disaster. The population density is 124 700 per square kilometer.


Tiny island of AP Lei Chau which belongs to Hong Kong. Most of the territory which is occupied by skyscrapers, which will house offices, retail space and even a couple of productions. The population density of the island is 66 755 persons per sq. km.

At the mouth of the Hudson river located the oldest and most populated area of new York – Manhattan.It is not only the cultural and financial center of the United States, but also the financial capital of the world. On the island there are many world-class organizations and a large number of headquarters of various corporations. The population density is 26 927 people per square kilometer.


Island of India, Solset is part of one of the world's largest urban agglomerations – Mumbai. Apart from the fact that the island is part of the cities, as there are a couple of satellite cities of the metropolis. Yet, on the island, raspolojen the most expensive on Earth, the skyscraper Antilla, which is the property of billionaire Mukesh Ambani. 173-meter building can be etenity more than $1 billion. The population density is about 30 000 inhabitants per 1 square kilometer.

The island of Ebeye is one of the inhabited Islands not only in the chain of the Marshall Islands, but around the world, thanks to nuclear testing, the United States in the Pacific. Residents of the atolls had to urgently leave their seats, to protect their health and life. Now, overcrowding on Ebeye, with all the consequences in the form of lack of water and other benefits. Density – 41 667 people per sq. km.


Leela Essingen is the name of the island, tucked away in the heart of Stockholm.In old times there was located a large part of the industry, but, over time, factories began to move to the suburbs, and then appeared a house. The population density of the island – about 20 thousand per square kilometer.

Malé is the capital and most densely populated city of the Republic of Maldives. Most of the population of male foreigners who work there, the bulk of the tourists. The area of the island gradually expanding thanks to the efforts of man. The density is more than 53 thousand people per square kilometer.


The island of Migingo even less of a football field in the arena "Nou camp" in Barcelona, Spain. Moreover, the island has still not decided to which country it belongs to: Uganda or Kenya. Despite everything, this does not prevent him to be considered one of the most densely populated Islands in the world, with a density of about 100 thousand people per square kilometer. The island is located exactly in the middle of lake Victoria.

In Germany, one of the largest ports, the city of lübeck, located on the island. It is in the list of UNESCO world heritage site, due to a large number of brick buildings in Gothic style. And in our rating recorded because of the limited territory and population more than 200 thousand people.


Complete review familiar to all of us Saint-Petersburg. The famous Vasilievsky island also is among one of the most densely populated Islands in the world. It is located in the Delta of the Neva river and the population density is about 19ti thousand people per square kilometer.

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