10 most densely populated islands in the world

On most remote and little-known once the islands with rich flora and fauna are now high-rise buildings and boxes scurry numerous cars. But compared to the mainland island community resources are severely limited. This causes a high density of population.

1. The title of the most densely populated island is unofficially the island of Santa Cruz, located near the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Constantly live here 700 inhabitants. During vacations and holidays island's population increased to 1,200. This is due to the fact that local children and adolescents who are in high school on the mainland come home to their families. Here you will not see the usual resorts, hotels and swimming pools with blue water. Because of the small size of the island there is not even a sports stadium and a cemetery. All sports and burial procedures take place on the neighboring island of Mukuru. Almost all the inhabitants of the island to work at sea. Once every three weeks warships deliver drinking water here. Due to the lack of freshwater residents are forced to bathe and wash their belongings into the sea. By European standards, the islanders are very poor. But here you will never see the closed doors with heavy locks granary. And at nightfall the locals get together with their neighbors in front of TV screens to view popular soap operas.

2. According to the 2008, the population of Hong Kong Island is more than 1, 2 million people. And this despite the relatively small size of the territory. A total of 80, 4 square kilometers. In 1842 there lived only about three thousand people. To date, Hong Kong is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Travelers attract not only historical monuments and modern shopping centers with attractive advertising signs, but also the opportunity to walk through the picturesque mountain hills of the island.

3. One of the oldest and most densely populated parts of New York is considered the island of Manhattan. It is home to 1, 58 million people. Calculation of the number of inhabitants per square kilometer beyond 26, 924 people. This population density is not in any other American city. Manhattan is often called the financial heart of the world, because here are the largest commercial and financial world structures. There are also the largest radio - and telecommunications companies, the headquarters of the United Nations and a number of interesting historical sights.

4. In the Arabian Sea on the west coast of India is the island of Salsette. At 619 square kilometers of land is home to about 15, 1 million inhabitants. Check the island began in the Stone Age tribe of fishermen. In the third century BC, the island came under the rule of the empire Maurya and transformed into a major cultural and religious center of the Buddhists and Hindus. Local dynasty eventually followed one another, and the island flourished and gained fame large shopping center. In the 18th century, the British captured Salsette and created numerous railroad tracks and road lines, connect this frame to the mainland and the island of Bombay. This has led to a dramatic increase in the number of inhabitants. Even the most wealthy people choose this island to build their luxury villas.

5. Romantic Venice is located on 118 small islands, separated from each other by a plurality of channels. Local beauty attract travelers from all over the globe. Permanently live here, about 270 thousand people, but at the expense of tourists the island's population increased at least twice.

6. Joal-Fadiouth - this is an unusual Senegalese village to the south-east of Dakar. One part of it, Zhoal, located on the mainland, and the second, Fadiut on an island formed by mollusk shells. Connects both parts of the village bridge. Shells are also used craftsmen to decorate their homes and products. Most local residents are engaged in growing rice and fishing. Sign at vёzde to the village on the island warns that there is forbidden to use any kinds of vehicles. As of 2007 there lived 39,000 people.

7. In the southern part of the North Male Atoll is the same city - the capital of the Maldives. As compared to the 1987 in 2006, the number of inhabitants on the island has increased fivefold and reached one hundred thousand. In addition to the local population are home to a large number of foreign workers. A recent perfomed dumping ground allowed to expand a little island boundaries.

8. Ebeye - the most populous island of Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. This permanent residence 15,000 people. Most of them are refugees or descendants of refugees who moved here in March 1954 after the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests there is destructive. At the moment, almost fifty percent of the local population has not yet reached the age of eighteen years.

9. One of the main historical sights of St. Petersburg - a beautiful and majestic Vasilevsky Island. There is also a large part of the museums and cathedrals. The island's population in 2002 exceeded two hundred thousand, and each year continues to grow.

10. The island city of Lübeck is the second largest city in Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, and one of the biggest German ports. This is an incredibly beautiful city with rich architecture in the Gothic style. Lubeck even rank indicate the UNESCO World Heritage. In 2005, the population of the port city reached the mark of 214,000 people.


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