Progress does not stand still, and the last century was full of various inventions, both useful and totally goofy. Here are some of them:

Mobile Ashtray - for developing dexterity and coordination.

Mouthpiece for those who think that he can not smoke a lot - "yes, you have to smoke!».

Mouthpiece for rainy weather and an empty head

Ashtray for educated beachgoers.

Service for drivers, triggered by tilting the head.

The prototype GPS navigator: map moves as the vehicle, according to the speed drive.

Piano for people confined to bed.

Reading glasses lying - so no one guessed the direction of view.

Police heated.

Hat-radio - retro connection to the info field of the planet.

So, apparently, tried to rob a piece of bread of the poor migrant workers

Amphibious bicycle - "there are no barriers».

Points blinds - "chameleon" type

Automatic shooting from the corner. (For the development of intuition: guess where the enemy)

Mouthpiece for lovers - "we will die one day." I wonder how it clean?

Hvatalka if the dog - nipper.

And here are some sports simulators:


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