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Male is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Maldives. Malia is located on an island in Kaafu Atoll (Kaafu Atoll). Male population totals 104,400 people. Traditionally considered the Royal Male island, from which the Maldives ruled by the dynasty of royal families in ancient times.


name of the capital of the Maldives comes from the word «Mahaalay», come from Sanskrit, which means «Maha» - «big" or "great" and «aalay» - «house». In Sanskrit, the word «Mahaalay» called the royal palace. So had the title of Male.


A whole group of islands called the Maldives because of the name of the capital.


Male Island, just 2 km long and 1 km wide, completely built houses, covered roads, and so there are very few open spaces. This Malia is clean and neat city with mosques, markets, a maze of small streets, wrapped in a blanket obayaniya.Ofitsialno, the population of the capital is about 65,000, but with foreign workers, tourists and residents of other islands, often come here in the city usually is 100000.


The size of the island has been doubled through the implementation of projects for the rehabilitation of land and nearby islands are used for different purposes, and on one of the islands of the airport is located. The government plans to develop other islands to reduce the pressure on the island of Male.


Directly in front of the marina, opposite Jumhury Square or the National Park, it is the Islamic Center, whose main building - the Grand Mosque. Its golden domes shine so bright that they can be seen from the sea when approaching the north of Male. Big mosque accommodating 5,000 people - an amazing structure. Its interior is decorated with wooden carvings and Arabic calligraphy, skillfully crafted by local craftsmen. Remember, the mosque - a place of prayer, and the crowds are undesirable. If you do decide to go there, it is better to do it accompanied by Maldivians. Visitors must be dressed accordingly and maintain complete silence. Across the road - Sultan Park and National Museum. His exhibition includes a large collection of clothes and jewelry sultans, manuscripts of the Koran and interesting pre-Islamic statues found during excavations Thor Heyerdahl; most ancient finds and stone statues are described in his book "The Mystery of the Maldives." Around Malia is located about 20 mosques, some of them are simply coral room with an iron roof. The oldest of them, Hukuru Bowls, famous for its carved stone panels. A series of panels, carved in the 13th century dedicated to the arrival of Islam to the Maldives, and the cemetery is the tomb of Abu Al Barakat and the tombstones of former sultans.


Among the unique monuments - the head of a statue of Buddha to the island Todd relating to the pre-Islamic period, and the wooden panel of the XIII century, covered with ancient inscriptions. Fruit, ovoschnoyi wood markets are never empty, and scenic spots are where the islanders from the atolls others peddling their wares. Fish Market, located nearby, initially empty, until the fish is caught, and after dinner, here are beginning to flock to the fishermen with their catch. Fishermen, cutting and cleaning the fish, turned this process into art. It is clean and well developed area that attracts many tourists and provides insight into the life of a typical Maldivian fisherman. Another attraction is the Singapore Bazaar - cluster of shops - selling quality products and local handicrafts Maldives and imported trinkets and souvenirs. In addition, there are shops selling electronics, marine equipment, fishing equipment and household goods for the local villages. In many small tea you can eat, smoke and chat with the locals.


There are no tall buildings, and a lot more bikes than cars. In Male virtually impossible to get lost, all the streets are located on three major roads. The island has many hotels. Each hotel has its own dinghy, where you can take a cruise in the archipelago for a few days.




Artificial beach - this phrase can surprise in a country known for natural beaches, but the residents of Male really chosen an artificial beach built on the eastern side of the capital. The beach is ideal for swimmers and those who do not have access to nearby islands. In the north of Male is artaktsionov park, there are also restaurants, cafes, shops




The country has four domestic airport of destination. Local airline Island Aviation operates scheduled flights from Male International Airport to the islands in the atoll Shiina Gan, Laamu Atoll in Kadhdu, Kaadedhdu Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll and Hanimadhoo Atoll Haa Dhal. Between Malé and the atolls there plying scheduled passenger and cargo ships, although maritime transport is carried out quite often.





Male - shopping center of the country with great selection of shops, meet the needs of 100 thousand inhabitants and thousands of buyers coming from the islands. Small shops on the outskirts of the capital city can receive visitors in the 6-7 o'clock in the morning, while the main streets of shops open around 9-10 hours. All shops close at 11 pm, as well as a small 15-minute breaks at the time of prayers.



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