The capital of the Republic of Maldives

Male - the capital and most populous city of the Republic of Maldives. It is located on the island of Male and Vilingile. In recent years, the island of Male is significantly expanding operations through dumping ground.

The town's name is derived from the Sanskrit word «Mahaalay» translated as "Big or great house." Earlier here the palace of the rulers of the Maldives.

Already from the name of the city formed the name of the entire group of Maldives. It consists of two parts «Male» (Male) and «Dives» (island).

The island only two kilometers and the width - one. Officially, it is home to no more than 65 000 people, but if we consider foreign workers, tourists and residents of other islands, this figure seriously increases and reaches a minimum of one hundred thousand.

Recently, a number of works were carried out to strengthen the soil. It is possible to considerably expand the area of ​​the island.

One of the main local attractions is the Great Mosque. Approaching Male by sea from the north side, it is possible to observe from afar shine golden domes of the building. The mosque has a huge size. At the same time it may be about five thousand faithful. Inside the religious building is decorated with exquisite frescoes and paintings. Here you can go on a trip, but to avoid confusion we must remember the rules of conduct befitting this place. Not far from the mosque is located Sultan Park and National Museum. There is a large collection of jewelry that belonged to local monarchs, clothing, utensils, manuscripts, statues and frescoes of different ages

By the unique local attractions also include the head of the statue of the Buddha from the island Todd pre-Islamic period and the wooden panel of the eighth century, completely covered with calligraphic inscriptions.

Bazaars island once not empty. Here you can find not only the local population and tourists, but also people from other islands who came here to make a purchase or to sell their products. Most often guests of the island is visited by a large Singapore Bazaar, where you can buy various souvenirs and products created by local artisans.

Initially, the impression of the Male as a quiet provincial town. There are very few tall buildings. Taking a walk on local streets, you will never get lost, because they will lead you to one of the three large urban roads.

The island has many comfortable hotels with excellent service. Each one can rent a boat and go on a small cruise along the archipelago for several days.

Guests are invited to the city to choose from a large number of entertainment events. For example, a trip on a glass bottom boat, evening fishing, windsurfing, catamaran, canoeing, "water banana", water-skiing and the opportunity to go diving. For a fee, you can even go a little training the basics of scuba diving and receive a certificate of special sample.

You can also go on a helicopter tour or just relax in the local cafes.

In the eastern part of the island created a beautiful man-made beach. On the north - park with a variety of exciting attractions.

Malia is famous for its numerous restaurants. Here you can taste not only traditional local dishes, but also the most delicious dishes of European cuisine. An alternative to fast fudam on the island are numerous tea. Here it is possible always tasty, quick and inexpensive meal.

Though the size of the island and not great, but still, from time to time may be required, and taxi services. The machine can be stopped by simply waving a hand near the road. But then distributed a "civilized" way - to call transport by telephone. On the ferry you can reach the airport, located on the waterfront Boduthakurufaanu Magu. It is worth noting that the cost of a trip on the ferry before and after midnight is different (10 and 20 respectively, Rufio).

The country has four airports, voyages on small distances. On the neighboring islands can also be reached by boat - dhoni. But this form of transport specific speed is different, for travel over long distances it is not suitable.

The official currency of the Maldives - Rufiyaa. Currency exchangers located around the island. Change banknotes can not only banks, but also in most of the major hotels, shops and restaurants. For one US dollar offers fifteen Rufio. In addition, you can pay by credit card, owned by large European banks.

The island has a valid roaming and a network of small Internet cafes. Communication services are provided two providers that have a state license.

Local shops begin their work at different times. Small shops on the outskirts opened since the 6-7 morning. Larger stores begin receiving visitors from 9-10 am. The working day ends with everyone at the same time - 11 pm. Many institutions are working without a break for lunch, but during the day close to fifteen-minute breaks for prayers.

The largest selection of souvenirs in the northern part of the street candana Magoo (Chaandhanee Magu). You can buy products of local craftsmen - badges, magnets, T-shirts, batik and books devoted to the island of Male in different languages, and many other interesting and beautiful things.



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