10 images of unearthly beauty: when the photographer on the same wavelength with the moment.

I do not count the enormous number of incredible things conceals our world! Perhaps, a lifetime is not enough to know all its secrets. Fortunately, many of the wonders you can see thanks to the skill of photographers and, of course, technological progress, which made it possible to capture amazing moments.

Today Editorial Ofigenno.cc with a large hunting show pictures to help broaden understanding of what surrounds you. Believe me, the reality is unreal beautiful!

Zhangjiajie National Park, China
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China's Hunan Province is known for its huge rocky pillars, which were formed by erosion over thousands of years. Do you know what the image of the area created by soaring mountains of the planet Pandora from the famous movie "Avatar"? Let China's mountains do not move in fantastic films, but the scenery of the park is really wonderful.

Well James. Texas, USA
It is also called "a place that kills divers." Well James - great artesian spring, 4 meters in diameter and 10 meters deep. The water there is so clear, it seems that there is a void. But at the bottom there are a lot of branches, which are not yet fully understood. Unfortunately, their study has already killed 8 divers. Danger nice!

The forest in Hungary
Just do not think that in all the forests of the country reigns such beauty. The reasons for it are sad: October 4, 2010 at a factory for the production of aluminum was leaked almost 1, 1 million cubic meters of red sludge. As a result, the affected areas three areas. That's why the forest is seen clear trace level up to which the red toxic substance.

Lake in Sabah, Malaysia
The crystal clear water of the lake is fascinating. Children seemed to fly in the boat and not swim. Just wanted to go to Malaysia!

Bamboo Forest Sagano in Kyoto, Japan
This forest, an area of ​​16 square kilometers, belongs to the most amazing natural attractions of Japan. Bamboo Paradise is so popular not only because of its irresistible, but especially the sound that occurs when in contact with the wind stalks of thousands of trees. Visitors Sagano assert that "bamboo music" enveloping sense of peace and harmony. In addition, in Japan believe that bamboo trees protect from evil spirits. So it will not be terrible!

The monks in the province of Suphanburi, Thailand
Buddhist monks say that fire cleanses the soul, and gives strength and energy to enter into a new phase of purification. So they lit paper lanterns in homage to the founder of their doctrine. And if you move away from the religious context, the flying lanterns zapuskaniya popular worldwide. Particularly impressive is taking place in Thailand.

Golf chili in Ahmedabad, India
What makes this guy so unusual in a "hot" spot? He adds red chili for further processing and manufacturing of a powder on the farm. Photos still douse the heat!

On the bridge in Venice ...
... Invisible man. No, it is not a local ghost, and renowned Chinese artist Liu Bolin, or as it is called, "disappeared" artist. His hobby masterful disguise, he began to develop several years ago and continues to amaze his work. « I have experienced difficult moments in my life when I felt like I was no use to anyone, and no one notices me i>», - says Liu of the reasons for the emergence of such passions. In preparation for some pictures he spends more than 10 hours, but the result is impressive.

Heavenly Angel Kubinka, Russia
A "painted" his aerobatic team "Russian Knights" on the 75th anniversary of the "Center for display of aircraft." Within 6 seconds, four Su-27 showed aerobatics and as a result - an angel smoke hung in the sky. It really was an air show, which was breathtaking.

The face of the iceberg, Antarctica
Such beauty can be admired during expeditions to Antarctica. Author of the photograph, the user strummingmusic, confirm. Admiration can melt and cold!

Photo: strummingmusic

These photos have everything: beauty moment and professionalism of the photographer, and the sacrament. In such personnel relentlessly want to watch. And even better - to come on a journey to see everything with my own eyes. If you impressed by these pictures, do not forget to share with your friends.

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