From Mask to Branson: What great men learned from their mothers

Four stories about women who raised the head of Tesla, owner of the Virgin Group Empire, the founder of Facebook and Creator of Microsoft? Who are they? What did you do? And taught their sons?

Once Abraham Lincoln said, "whatever I have achieved in life I owe to my mother."

And although not everyone is ready to say the same beautiful words, many of the bigwigs of the financial world should be grateful to their mothers for all they have done for them. Mother gave them the right education, develop their abilities and helped to make dreams come true: they helped the great of this world to become who they are today. We offer you to get acquainted with the four stories of the mothers of the world's largest entrepreneurs.

1. Mei Masks: Not just a pretty mom



It seems that if you plant a mother Elon musk on Mars, the 68-year-old model and nutritionist will succeed there. Career models may Mask lasts for more than half a century. For the first time she came to the podium in 15 years in the administrative capital of South Africa Pretoria, at 20 she won a national beauty contest, and in 2013, when she was 63, appeared Nude in a controversial photo shoot for the cover of New York magazine.

Musk also participated in advertising campaigns for Revlon, Clinique and Virgin Airlines. She repeatedly had to start over after the divorce with her husband and several large crossings, in addition, she twice changed its country of residence. Married at the age of 22, may Mask became a successful dietitian and practice raising three children: Longing, Ilona and Cimbala.

However, after the divorce she was left the sole breadwinner, which has not been easy. In an interview with the Huffington Post, may said, to acknowledge himself a loser she did not allow pride. "When you're poor, you have to try our best. I've combined my private nutrition practice, advice on valeology, the model and raised the children. Spinning like a squirrel in a wheel," she said.

However, her tenacity really came in handy when her son Elon in 17 years moved to Canada. Soon, Mei followed him, rented an apartment with low rent and got several works — one of them was at the University of Toronto, so that her children could obtain free education. When Elon and Kimball moved to Silicon valley and started the company Zip2, which specializes in software for news companies, their mom gave them all the money that she had.

And even now, having moved from new York to Los Angeles to be closer to their children, it is not going to slow down. "I spend a lot of time with their three children and ten grandchildren. I also give lessons on a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition at a private school, which gives me the opportunity to adjust your schedule and to combine teaching with working model," said Musk in an interview with the Huffington Post in 2015. Now you understand from where the pressure and the energy possessed by Elon, his brother and sister?

2. Eve Branson: Lady without fear and without reproach


Richard Branson is famous not only for business activities but also due to its widely publicized in the press attempts to beat world records in sailing and ballooning. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that his mother also had a passion for adventure.

Eve Branson was born in Middlesex, England, in 1924, in a military family and, according to her autobiography, pretending to be the boy to learn to be a glider pilot. During world war II she volunteered for the Women's auxiliary service of the Navy. After the war, as indicated on the website of her charity Eve Branson Foundation, worked as a dancer and actress and participated in vibrant West end introduction productions. After a short career of actress eve became an air hostess with British South American Airways, and then left the job, married a major trooper. They had three children (husband of eve passed away in 2011).

Marriage and motherhood did not moderate her speed. When her husband failed the exam for the right to practice law, eve began to earn money. In an article published in the Daily Mail, saying that she was "engaged in handicraft production in a garden shed, making cushions and wooden napkin holders, which were sold in Harrods".

In addition, she worked in the military police, was a probation officer for probation and supervised the real estate Agency. Now eve is now 91 and, with his son, she participates in the activities of the International centre for missing and exploited children (Eva is on the Board, and Richard provides financial support).

They also established a charitable organization in Morocco, which helps local residents with training and employment. Answering a question of the journalist of the Daily Mail how she manages to keep youthful enthusiasm, the mother of three children and grandmother of 11 grandchildren, said: "the cocktails and young men". How can you not love her?

3. Karen Kempner: a Humble doctor


About Karen Kempner, mother of perhaps the most famous and influential entrepreneur in the field of Internet technologies — CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg — not much is known. Apparently, she doesn't want to attract attention.

In New York magazine, says that Kempner, slender student at Brooklyn College, the focus of which immediately gave in her native of Queens, she met her future husband Edward Zuckerberg, who has studied dentistry at new York University, on a blind date.

In 1979 they Edward got married and moved to white plains, new York, close to the College, where Karen was studying psychiatry. She and her husband have four children. After graduation, Karen had worked for a psychiatrist. She decided to become the administrator of the dental office of her husband, who was in their house in the town of Dobbs ferry. Despite the state 60 million dollars in Facebook stock, the couple are still living on the old place.

When Edward once gave an interview on the radio, callers to the Studio, a listener asked him whether worked Karen, when their children were young. Edward replied, "My wife was superwoman. She was able to work and stay at home."

There is no doubt that the head of Facebook holds the same high opinion of Karen as his father. During a meeting with the Prime Minister of India one of the questions posed to mark Zuckerberg Narendra modi touched his mother.

And the choice of the spouse of the Zuckerberg is also very revealing. Priscilla Chan, at which the head of Facebook got married in 2012, like Karen, is a modest doctor and avoids contact with journalists.


4. Mary Maxwell gates: a Successful businesswoman and philanthropist


Speaking about his mother, the founder of Microsoft bill gates, the richest man in the world with 76.7 billion dollars, often recalls a letter that she wrote to his then fiancée Melinda on the eve of their wedding.

There was written: "to Whom much is given, much will be demanded".

Mary Maxwell gates, who for many years engaged in charity, he died 6 months later at the age of 64 years old from breast cancer. Gates has kept her letter and soon, together with his father bill gates Sr. founded the charitable Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It was the will of his mother, who, like her son, had a sharp mind and abilities to entrepreneurship.

Mary was the best student in school and College, where she met her husband, a lawyer. They had three children. She engaged in charity work and was on the boards of several major organizations, including United Way, where was the first Chairman of the Board in king County, and then became the first woman to head the Executive Committee of the largest organization.

Mary persuaded her son, who was at that time the head of Microsoft, to run the program Employees Giving Campaign in which employees raise money for United Way and other charitable organizations. Then the gates joined the Board of this organization.

Mary gates was a member of many major organizations, and became one of the Trustees of the University of Washington in 1975, she initiated the cessation of investment in South Africa, where a policy of apartheid.

According to her daughter Libby Armintrout, she was very demanding mother, and paid much attention to their children. "She cared about not only our ratings and other stuff, but how we behave to people, how were our relations with other people," says Armentrout.


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Bill often clashed with his mother: as a child and as an adult, however, there is no doubt that she always supported him. When in 1975 he left Harvard and founded Microsoft, Mary used their connections on the Board of the United Way to help him get his first big contract from IBM for developing an operating system for their first personal computer.published





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