Learn to palm read yourself! Gypsy do not need...

Palmistry (palm reading) is one of the oldest ways to know your future and "read" past. In appearance the palm of your hand, you can learn about a person's character, the most momentous events in his life, and about relationships with other people.

For starters, look at that hand that you is dominant: right-handed is the right hand, the Lefty — left. You will find 4 main lines on your palm: heart, mind, destiny and life.

How to read руке

  1. Heart line
    Will reveal all the secrets of the heart! If the line originates from the outer edge of the palm and ends under the index finger, means you're happy with your personal life. The line that ends under the middle finger indicates selfish behavior on your part: focus on own interests could lead to the collapse of a serious relationship. If the heart line ends between the middle and ring fingers, then you are too amorous. Crossing the heart line life line tells about the excessive vulnerability: easy for you to break the heart.

    If the heart line stays parallel to the line of the mind, then you're able to keep a cool head in matters of the heart. A broken heart line indicates serious problems and pain in romantic relationships. The presence on the line of the heart of many small strokes says about the difficulty to remain faithful to the partner.

  2. Line of mind
    A short line of mind testifies to the emphasis on physical work: it is necessary to pay more attention to mental work. A long line of mind is present in people who rely on logic, like to think and to perform all of life's situations and events. Wavy line of mind says that people easily loses concentration and gets distracted by other things. Crossing the line of mind with life line indicates the continuous search of adventure and excitement. If the line of mind there are a lot of small touches, it promises a large number of crucial decisions.

  3. Life line
    Read the life line from its beginning, that is from the place between the thumb and forefinger. A deep and distinct line indicates excessive desire to feel the taste of life and without missing the slightest possibility. Short and weakly expressed in the life line is present in people who do not aspire to achieve career heights. Life line with a pronounced curve shows extreme strength of character and endurance.

    Dashed promises drastic changes in life at some stage. If the life line forks constantly, then you're a very lively person who is always full of vigor and vitality.

  4. The line of destiny
    Clear and smooth line of fate is present in men. Work for them the main goal in life. If the line is weakly visible on the palm of your hand, means that the person is not satisfied with the choice of profession. A large number of touches and overlaps on the line of fate, there are frequent changes of occupation. If your fate line starts from life line, it means you're a man who achieved everything himself.

    Crossing lines of fate and line of life suggests that at a certain stage of life you have to sacrifice your own interests for the sake of others.


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