9 photos proving that some things are better not to trust men ...

Undoubtedly, without a woman in the house will not do: and wash, eat and cook, look after children, the house will take away, to please her husband, she goes shopping and even the time to carve. But it is such that my mother simply have no time and everything falls out of the hands. Then the part of economic affairs is carried on the shoulders of the brave king of the house. That's just all it is necessary to weigh the good: whether your beloved to cope with this challenge of increased difficulty. Not for nothing because in the children's song goes: "Daddy can, dad can do anything, anything, just my mother, but my mother can not be." Whoever invented it, just I knew something.

How old joke goes that try to entrust my husband to take the child out of kindergarten - will not that kid. Or that let the man in the kitchen - expect trouble. It offers to your attention a few funny situations where the naive wife still have entrusted the most valuable to their husbands. What came of it - see for yourself!

1. Think three times before to let her husband with the child for a walk. B>

2. The main principle of every man: and so come down! B>

3. Pets because nothing to blame ...

The inscription on the key fob pet is not translated literally, word play involved here. If you convey a sense, it turns out that something like: "Ozzy Lapkin - Prince barking" (it is possible to draw a parallel with the collection of Ozzy Osbourne "Ozzy Osbourne - Prince of DarknessĀ»).

4. Be careful in matters of aesthetics: in men the vision of beauty! B>

5. Be ready for surprises in the kitchen. B>

6. Hiding away their feminine features - male hands are not for boredom! B>

7. It is in the nature of things. B>

8. Everything related to creativity - a taboo! B>

9. Only 5 minutes alone with the baby - and you do not know your baby! B>

This is all, of course, a joke. Experience shows that sometimes men are for housework and childcare even more responsible than women. But it is extremely rare cases that should be recorded in the Red Book. Most often, everything exactly as shown in the photos. By the way, while you read an article, your husband and the child is very suspiciously silent. I advise you to go and check if everything is in order there. After all, the pope can, anything ...

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