That's what happens when your hands are not out of the place. 20 tips on how to in no case do not have to cook!

Now the whole Internet is teeming with all sorts of recipes for every taste. In the phrase "prepare a delicious breakfast for only 2 minutes," "this cake will have the most lazy," "such an omelette you have never in my life have not tried" being, even those who never in his life itself, even scrambled eggs did not. It is not always coincide with the expectations of reality, but it is, as they say, is another story.

I prepared for you a selection of photos of how in any case can not cook. You're still upset that you have something bad comes out? Believe me, after seeing thou shalt call yourself a culinary god. That's what happens when your hands do not grow at all from that place ...

1. Well, almost happened ...

2. It's just a 2-D version! B>

3. It seems that today everyone will be hungry for dinner ...

4. Bloody train - that's what I understand! B>

5. Nightmare of Santa Claus. B>

6. And so rolled! B>

7. The main thing that is made with love! B>

8. Magician level 80. B>

9. I think I know why the child was frightened and crying ...

10. Yes, just put the kettle on, what is wrong? B>

11. Tired of sausages on the grill? Sausage on the cooker - excellent taste! B>

12. Chef from God. B>

13. Yes, just like the spitting image! B>

14. "Hedgehog From Hell" - a new version of the good old cartoon. B>

15. Something I did not want to eat ...

16. I'm not a magician, I'm just learning. B>

17. They said that this will turn out cupcakes for all ...

18. I still do not really even hungry. B>

19. When cooking eggs - not your strong point. B>

20. Since then I do not eat sweet! B>

Yes, apparently, not everyone is a talent given to prepare. Nothing, in fact, they say, the experience comes with age. By the way, the practice shows that often comes to the age of one. On the other hand, to learn something, if you do not experiment? Do not worry, practice makes perfect couple hundred - and you are the best chef of all time. But do not despair!

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