Top 10 malicious programs female = 10 male pain

Why are we talking about? Because we attract a Man that meets her. It will reflect the essence of the program, to prove the correctness of our beliefs. As a rule, we are carriers of several programs, because one follows from the other, they tend to feed each other.

1. I myself (hence I can only rely on yourself if not I, then nobody will do, will not solve).

2. Men are weak (hence Men can not do anything, "hands do not grow out of the place", I fold at the first sign of difficulty).

3. Men with evil...(sorry) (hence the belief that any relationship with a Man under threat, will end sooner or later, there will be dishonesty on his part).

4. A man can't be the main (because I have to control if he is to trust in something, he'll do something wrong. Or only I know what is good for me, he doesn't know, so I can't decide for both of us so all was well).

5. Men can't be trusted in terms of feelings and internal relations (here, he can bring the blue, I have to be careful with Men).

6. Men don't understand Women (hence I won't try to explain and create deep, trusting relationships).

7. The men are all losers (the fact that successful Men still have intentionally ignored here – he never will).

8. Men could not be trusted – in terms of the decision of a question (hence he will do something he can't do anything well and effectively).

9. I know better (hence I will not even listen to his opinion, anyway anything efficient I will not say, do as you choose).

10. Man does not need Woman for life (hence – I always do without Men, I can live life without a Man is nothing but the female nature tends to be male, I want to implement in the family – under this program, high chance to go unrealized, because the life will confirm this belief, will not attract Men that are configured for a serious relationship).

Thirty two million two hundred fifty seven thousand seven hundred nine

The same programs in the "rewrite»:

1. I am asking for help and support in Men. The world gives me everything I need. I trust in life. There are issues where it is better to trust Men, because they decide they better / faster.

2. Men are strong. Power is part of their nature. They can cope with any difficulties.

3. There are decent Men who appreciate a Woman and relationships that are easy and comfortable – this is the first stage. Second – Men treat me accordingly to my view of myself. I know that is priceless, really love myself, I can be proud of and I am very satisfied with their lives (in this internal sense, a priori, attracted to the most worthy).

4. In relationships I give this important place to the Man because appreciate the feeling to be "a stone wall", I want to feel supported and support is a prerequisite in order to support and boost present. Men's nature intended to make a Woman happy. And the recognition of its chief, allowing it to manifest. The home does not mean total submission, it's not about obedience, this word does not about relationships. Is allowing him to show their best masculine nature, agreeing with the position of the lead, plus the easy – removal from very many issues.

5. Men can be trusted. They can always sense when a Woman needs help, always ready to help, to do something for her. If I trust, he trusts, the only way to build a happy long term relationship.

6. Men really want to understand a Woman, because it is aimed at her happiness, so if suddenly something is not clear, I'll explain, since I want the relations to develop in depth.

7. Men are able to reach the most insane on the height of the peaks, because it is the call of nature, so "you will be the strongest if I'm there" because I will do everything for your maximum realization – for this I'm just not going to let you to manifest and will support their faith.

8. Men can easily cope with the resolution of issues and tasks, because this is their world, the natural environment – to solve and achieve. If it be wrong, I'm not going to nitpick and focus on this, it's his way of development and formation as Men, I know that it will bring any action to perfection.

9. I like to consult with a Man, ask for his help – so I feel like we're a team, it unites us even more. Men like to be able to take on something in relation to his Woman, to propose a solution to solve it. We openly discuss all jointly make a decision, each party shall consider the interests of the other – everything is negotiable.

10. I need a Man for life, because I want to create a happy family, I want to love and be loved. I have accumulated a lot of tenderness, warmth inside that I'm ready to give beloved. And I don't want to solve one, just wish there was a strong man's shoulder — Man I trust. And I give him the space to emerge.

When we begin to change something in your life?

When it was hot. But when it comes so, then methods have to be extreme. Why bring this up?! If there are any signals: single detail faltered or failed, need to do something, to change something.

Consider a situation when the Woman lives with the belief that all Men are weak that it is independent, a Man can't be a Prime because it cannot be relied on. And it may not correspond to reality, a Man you can rely on, he proves it all the time, but the Woman because of their "viral" programs and beliefs and sees only their filters (what convinced). So, the bad Man from what he is all the time it is broadcast. This is one of the major pain Men in pairs. Why? He can't develop his best male nature near that Woman, she all ways it locks. At first he goes for the drive is that it one enough, to allow. But relationships are supposed to be the responsibility of both partners, and the energy Union is based on the total energy plus the Man moves in the world on the energy of its Women, which she feeds him. It is assumed that, if a Man became a couple, he becomes stronger, can achieve more. So at some point the Man breaks down, have not received adequate support. Goals become more possible for that energy to go. Here begins "podkashivatsya" its implementation. The first push is confirmation that he is "weak" — Women, which she gave to her Man. We recall the property of the female mind is to create and nurture what she sees, what she believes. Such a Woman is "rapidly working" on a "minus" in every area of their life together. And even very successful Men can do the opposite. Next, push "escape" in something- the reason that makes to be out of contact with his Woman (the excellent desire of removing from it): a permanent seat in the Internet, a new hobby or old, but now regular, alcohol... the Man included a program of self-destruction, it feels so intuitively moves away from the Woman to prevent this destruction. Again, intuitively, this Woman is perceived as something destructive, so included finding a partner who does not have such a program, which could be nourished.

That is another question — that this Man didn't just get this Woman. Why else? Because we are responsible for yourself, responsible for yourself, it is important to do your part correctly. Thanks to "overwrite" their malware, a Woman can give to the relationship desired taste. As she shifted in the negative, so can translate and plus.

Let the Heart has always lived Spring and Love, and in relationships there is always a happiness! published 

Author: Inna Makarenko


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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