Essential oils: impact on bioenergetics of human

ORANGE — increases optimism, faith in their strength and charisma. Opens the aura of good and the perception of positive information. Revitalizes thinned layers of aura after a long illness.

BASIL restores the objectivity of self-assessment, addresses the complexes.

BERGAMOT — brightens, enhances the brightness of the aura and Your life, helps to achieve success in learning, creativity, easy to overcome difficulties. Neutralize the aggressive energy of the crowd.

The leaves of the BAY — heal the wounds of the aura associated with irreparable loss, help to cope with sorrow, grief. Enhance immunity and density of the aura.

VANILLA — revitalizes and harmonizes energy family; oil help to hear what the interlocutor says and to take the place of the person with whom You communicate.

VERBENA — oil that increases the luck of the individual that reduce the amount of holes and the tails helps to correct the mistakes, opening the mind a just and noble exit from an unpleasant situation.

CLOVES — helps to overcome and get rid of hysteria nature, changes the emphasis on life from the works of external effects to personal improvement. Strengthens, thickens the aura, helps to defend against alien malice, envy, and vampirism. According to the stoic nature of the properties that help rapid recovery after injuries, diseases and operations.

GERANIUM — addresses the mechanisms of self-destruction: the complex of inferiority and dependence on other people's opinions. Helps to recover from bad communication or a small loss. Restores a healthy evaluation of actions and motivations, helps to restore the aura of the reference form.

GRAPEFRUIT — eliminates unfounded contentment with themselves, objectivesare to assess the relationship to Your person others, allows you to achieve successes in work and communication due to enhanced psychological.

OREGANO — helps to close the holes and defects of the energy shell associated with increased irritability, temper, impulsive committing abominable deeds, helps you to work out your mistakes.

Ylang-YLANG — old essence fumigation, attracts love and positive energy in the world, aligns the energy shell restores the symmetry, contributes to the development of high chakras.

GINGER — strengthens determination, firmness, integrity of nature. Facilitates the recovery of aura in diseases, injuries, operations, and also after the aggression of black energy. Energy amputates the Appendix. Teaches the right way to love.

HYSSOP — helps cleanse, refresh shell energy, eliminates stagnant processes in the aura, enhances the charm, communication skills, contributes to the accumulation of life experience.

KAPUT — perfectly protects from envy and malevolence, helps to quickly restore the aura after exposure to black energy, strengthen immune strength and conductivity of the renewable energy. Eliminates the tails, promotes redistribution of energy to fill the gap in the underdeveloped chakras.

CEDAR — strengthens the processes of renewal and recovery of energy aura, increasing the thinned layers helps to quickly restore power and energy in diseases and excessive stress on the nervous system. Gives the nobility and validity to thoughts and actions.

CYPRESS is an oil-shield. Closes vulnerable chakras of the ill-will of others, interferes with vampire contacts, distributing the energy density smoothly and harmoniously.

CINNAMON increases, warms, regenerates aura. Contributes to the production target of pulses, easy to overcome setbacks, optimism, faith in their strength and self-esteem. Does the nature of lighter, brighter, and more humane, opens breathing in love, forging a harmonious relationship between man and woman, bringing them closer to the Cosmos.

LAVENDER — promotes self-knowledge, meditation, fast restoration of forces. Provides full energy relaxation, helps to reduces scarring on the energy shell. Reduces aggression, helps recover from envy.

FRANKINCENSE — one of the oldest and most valuable substances fumigation. Restores energy "justice", returning the energy to its owner. If someone wished You harm or jinxed, and You feel energy discomfort, after using Holy water, dirty energy, which is imposed on You, will be back to where it came from, everyone will get what he deserves. Incense — aroma for meditation, compromissoire, the feeling of peace and Nirvana, strengthens faith and strength, increases resistance energy shell to evil, facilitates the generation of energy from space and transfer it selfless people dear to You, help you find love and build a family, enhances intelligence and tolerance, avoiding hasty assessments of people and events that eradicates evil motives, allows you to be cured of vampirism. Lightens, smoothes, strengthens the aura gradually returns the tail of the energy at its original place, thus closing the energy breakdown.

LEMON — allows you to quickly and painlessly adapt to the new conditions of life, to new people, helps you to get used to and accept philosophically irreparable loss, strengthens vital interest, leads to creative action at work, in family, in love. Helps to gain energy alone and to meditate even in a crowd.

LEUZEA — revitalizes, corrects defects the energy of the aura, helps to quickly restore power in case of sickness, heavy physical load, normalizes attitude. Success increases energy, promotes redistribution of energy from the tail into the hole, teaches replenishment of energy from Space, prevents the development of vampirism reckless and destructive thoughts and actions, brightens, gives the symmetry and natural shape of the aura.

MARJORAM — helps to get rid of bad installations. Quickly restore mental strength after serious trouble, loss, grief. Infects for life, allows you to quickly and safely achieve their goal.

MANDARIN — nourishes thinned from the disease aura that helps to find peace and serenity in the soul.

MELISSA is a great shield from other people's malevolence helps to get rid of the old tailings and prevents the formation of new ones. Helps to become successful and optimistic. They burn plots, bad saves energy, and strengthens the mechanisms of energy regulation.

MIRRA — energy surge, brightens, evens aura. Opens to love. Helps to understand and forgive motives and the mistakes of others. Helps to get rid of false self-evaluations, to find dignity. Perfect for meditation.

MYRTLE helps self-healing and self-improvement. Oil for meditation.

JUNIPER — developing integrity and fidelity to nature, rejection and recognition of lies, protects the aura of aggression, helping to find a quick and dignified way out of any difficult situation. Helps to "gall" people to get rid of directed inward destructive irritation. Contributes to the acquisition of rightful authority, developing generosity and intelligence.

NUTMEG — oil for meditation, appeals to the stars, restore energy integrity. Helps to gain spiritual justice and tolerance in love, in family life and in achieving business goals. Makes invulnerable to the evil influence of adolescents developing, but them intuition and insight.

PEPPERMINT — enhances respiration, pulsation, update of the energy layer. Enhances mutual understanding between close people. Eliminates the tension and expectation of trouble. Prevents the projection of "black holes" in his life. Helps to fight disease.

NEROLI — enhances the brightness and endearing personality gives her the traits of elegance and nobility. Prevents evil motives and envy. Is the oil of meditation, helps to quickly abandon the financial problems and to see the spiritual side of the world.

PATCHOULI — helps to cope with any situation that requires analysis and intuition, enhances the higher chakras, helps to feel the unique taste of love and kindness, and prevents the development of vampirism.

ROSE — converts energy unproductive bitterness, frustration and sadness into energy self-improvement and objective assessment of the problem. Oil, which helps to gain energy harmony in all systems. People who constantly use rose oil, cause sympathy at first glance, others its light, smooth aura, friendly and unobtrusive.

ROSEMARY — refreshes, revitalizes energy layer, enhances immunity aura, warms, inspires action and active way of life, returns extinguished interest in life, reinforces the psychology and intuition, develops the heart chakra.

CHAMOMILE — eliminates the inferiority complex, and difficult living conditions — helps to adequately cope with the difficulties, avoid depression and bitterness.

SANDALWOOD — opens energy springs of creativity, personal completeness talent. Helps to avoid impulsive actions, leaving the pit in aura. Energy thickens the layer allows you to quickly and smoothly recover from the thinning aura. Oil for meditation.

PINE — essential oil-the surgeon removes the tail and growths of black energy, eliminates stagnant processes in the energy shell, enhances the breathing of the aura, the influx of new energy, cleansing and updating of the aura. Helps to quickly restore power after a severe emotional shock, develops a philosophical perception of trouble and optimism.

THUJA — helps to overcome the difficulties of the disease, to achieve success in life. Quickly regenerates the outer shell of the aura. Facilitates mutual understanding between the lovers.

YARROW — oil-Keeper, helps to avoid serious trouble and protects the aura from injury, theft and aggression of the outside world. Gives peace of mind and self-esteem.

FENNEL — helps to quickly get rid of misconceptions, erroneous assessments and unfair conclusions. Helps calm and sober look at the truth, protects the aura from injury. Opens the chakras for the updates.

THYME — enhances the strong-willed beginning and the determination, helps to overcome shyness. Increases energy the glow and brightness of the aura, helps to neutralize the destructive mechanisms inside, under the outer shell of the aura. Promotes energy, enhances immunity aura.

TEA TREE oil-the oncologist. Eliminates energy growths caused by the adoption of wrong attitudes. Restores thickness, shape, and symmetry of the aura. The most severely affects the cap (which is the area of the aura above the head). Protects from aggressive energy of the outside world.

SAGE — helps restore and zerubavel aura after cheating and infidelity. Contributes to the opening of new opportunities self-expression.

LEMONGRASS — a shield of the aura, prevents the effects of aggressive energy, envy, hatred. Enhances the energitics of the individual, helps to achieve success in life.

EUCALYPTUS oil is the Savior, helps to quickly recover from stress, disease, curse. Increases the amount of energy responsible for longevity. published

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