Male happiness

The closer I got to forty, the more familiar peers get divorced. Some do not go to very young, but most just leave. Because you no longer can.

Because the life of a modern emancipated woman does not justify psychostat adult and no longer hypersexual men.

The rest suffer. For reasons of liability and greed: and what about children, what relatives and how I will live if you give or share "acquired in joint marriage" an apartment, a house, a car?

Really happy unit, and the horseradish make out − are they happy or so well learned to deceive themselves.

Let me remind you, immediately after 23 February, I wrote nasty things about us men. Promised, as soon as the loud March 8, to write nasty things about women. But I cheated. I'm not going to write about women shit. I'll just write about men's happiness. Heard of it? I also have not heard.


"10 ways to make a woman happy." 20 opportunities to bring her to orgasm." "100 words that want to hear your favorite". The brand "happiness" climbs from all cracks − only Dodge As for the happiness of men, then the social demand for this business under an unspoken taboo. How to make a man happy, if someone stutters, then again female. Either through chauvinist "hee-hee", or through the glamorous "Shu-Shu". To on this subject seriously, publicly and in Russian said men, I had never heard. We convinced ourselves that this debate is a sign of weakness. And to overcome this misconception, you have too much courage, and politically incorrect − in today's world does not happen.

In fact, this presumption silence of the honorable the collection of outdated gender stereotypes that are still standing only because no one thought to break them. If transcribing is about courage in the women's discourse, will turn out something like: "Our women to love and to endure." Since such statements were popular, women's emancipation has made a huge step forward. So huge that it looks like it's time for male emancipation.

No, I'm not calling anybody to the meeting, offer to write the proclamation and fight for the rights of men. I'll offer you man, and you, woman, to make a strong response to a bad question. It sounds like this: "why do we need a human female − with all its current cultural and ideological load − after this man turns 40 he finally loses the only thing in it was a woman's external attractiveness? What are we going to do with him?"

− Look, − speaks to me over a glass of non-alcoholic Mojito next age, which yesterday filed for divorce. − Why should I continue to endure it all?! Let's look at things with a healthy cynicism, rejecting all that love which the Jews had invented to no money to pay. A complete package of women's services in Moscow is now between 30 and 100 thousand rubles per month, depending on their quality. Options to the guys, and I can afford any. The Secretary to the intima, for example, is 70-80 thousand. Add here 10 thousand some aunt for weekly cleaning at home − and the question: "Why do I have this pale, inadequate, hysterical, which still smokes in the apartment?" Another option: remove for 30 thousand some raskompleksovannymi the student a good apartment with the right of regular visits on Fridays. Finally, you can just become a regular customer of the elite brothel.

And family comfort? What about the children? And warmth?

− Yes, it's worth it. But there is nothing − no warmth, no comfort, no nurturing mother to their children respect for the father! the same age, suddenly started up as if the glass had not Mojito, and vodka with beer. − No, it can not be! Because 90 percent of women in the big city, even if they grew up in the province, are fast becoming the same as my wife. And the remaining is too small to risk it and join with them in marriage. You will be able to do if she falls into inadequate? The law, cultural norms − it's not on your side. You can only leave. Suffering heavy losses.

Why a man marries? This question is a response to the romantic and wrong. In fact, of any Union of men and women inevitably included some economy of relationships, a certain "I − I'll" − and the breach of the unwritten rules will inevitably lead to the disintegration of the marriage, then certainly to the disappearance of love.

Imagine for example that Your man is rooted in the unconditional liability, loses even the desire in some to dominate the life of the field. What will you do? That's right, he will very soon see the extinct eyes of his wife. Similarly, a woman, if you lose all female, except for genital, sooner or later will kill myself in front of her husband. To be irresponsible in relation to the man − it is her right given to her by the law of the Russian Federation and not contested cultural norms.

But after 35-40 a period of the withering away of illusions, nature puts everything in its place. The vast majority of men now there's no reason to sincerely continue with a woman in a committed relationship. Those who managed to plunge, begin to experience an overwhelming desire to leave. Because the only "I − you", which was this woman − it was her unearthly beauty that no longer exists.

So − if her companion has a manic patient − a woman is doomed to divorce. The man just can't quit. Staying with a woman without the slightest the "I − you", he loses in his own eyes the right to be called a man. But from the point of view of law and morality, he is thus in deep shit. The modern law and modern morality, who don't mind the irresponsible attitude of women to men.Package of women's services as an alternative to marriage with a emancipated particular view, of course, barbarous, but more and more popular, and therefore worthy of reflection. On nervous women should not read because now I turn on the full power of a cold shower male pragmatism.

This is the problem that we men are somehow silent, as fish about ice. Show me an article in some glossy magazine with this headline: "100 reasons to endure the woman in her home after 40 years." Or this: "10 reasons to endure the woman in her home after 40 years." Or at least this: "5 reasons to endure the woman in her home after 40 years."

There are no such publications. And the reasons for such no. In addition to a single. But it is not accepted to write in glossy magazines.

To tolerate a woman after 40 years in the house just in case, if after 40 years it does NOT lose its feminine appeal. And in 50 years does not lose its feminine appeal. And 60 and even 90.

If she understands that women's attractiveness is not only face, Breasts and buttocks. And not even the common attitudes and spiritual kinship, a concept which so loves to manipulate emancipated woman. Women's attractiveness is the ability to charge the air. To harmonize the world at least within a single home. Not to force the male and female nature, and to give your partner something without which he cannot feel himself a happy man: respect, light domination, peace. And no tantrums to demand from him everything that can't be happy no woman in the world, as if she neither positioned. This feeling of security and all that it implies − tenderness, generosity, faithfulness.


Dear girls and women, of course, You can continue to experiment and to entertain the illusion that Your experiment successful. I'm not even surprised that Your opinion will vindicate Your husband. That's only if You're sure that he has never scored in a search engine the phrase "Secretary sex"? Or rent, payment in kind"? Really sure? Are you sure? Let's talk in ten years. published

Author: Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich


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