How to prioritize to become happier

Each of us intuitively feels your own path to happiness, but it never hurts to familiarize with the successful experience of others and data research. Be in business, but does not pursue the Studies show that the pursuit of cases — the shortest path to unhappiness, but to the great regret of all who dream to work in the so-called "office of idleness", the scientists also say that the lack of Affairs also strikes at the ability to feel happy.

Useless job is often only the result of the fact that you said "Yes" to something that you are absolutely not interested. Get in the habit of saying "no" that makes you just whisper "Yes", not to shout "hell Yeah!". Of course, we all have obligations, but the comfort zone will be able to find only those who are able to say "no".

Comfort zone — as porridge: suitable product for consumption when you live a full life at your own pace. No one is asking you to choke down porridge, the same happens with the expansion of the comfort zone. It is necessary to expand only to the limit until you will feel depressed.


Keep in touch with five people close to the Presence of several close relationships makes people happier, and is even able to extend our lives.

True friends really are worth their weight in gold, but why is it so important to have this number of close ties? The study found that in 60% of cases the person who has five or more friends with whom he can discuss the most important questions of life, he is happy with life.

However, the most important role here is played not so much the number of ties as the intensity of the effort you spend on maintaining relationships. Because even the most perfect relationship at risk to go out, if you will treat them as Givens. Strengthening the friendships you over and over again only increase your level of contentment with life.

Don't evaluate yourself only on external successes "Humility is not to think of yourself worse, and to think of ourselves less," — said the author of "Chronicles of Narnia" Clive staples Lewis. Self-esteem is complex: on the one hand, it is necessary to maintain confidence, but on the other hand, can provoke the growth of self-doubt, especially if it is associated only with the external success.

For example, students who directly linked their self esteem to their score, experienced great joy when they learned that accepted in good universities, while the refusal of adoption in a University they perceive as a tragedy of life.

Associating happiness to external events can lead to change in the model of behavior in which man will try to protect themselves from possible failure by omission: "I probably would have failed if I tried, but it doesn't matter since I didn't even try...".

Boost your endorphins this is not going anywhere — no matter what you hate exercise. They will make you feel happier if you will regularly perform. Not only the body will become stronger and acquire the desired shape — in the end you will see that exercise give you pleasure. It will happen, once you overcome the first difficulties and develop the habit of movement.

The endorphins released into the blood during sport activities, are addictive, and over time to achieve the same level of euphoria during physical activity, you'll want to increase it. This will help you to make the sport one of your regular habits.

Don't be afraid of the discomfort Happy people, as a rule, have a secret weapon — the so-called "force done". It is a skill of obtaining maximum pleasure from uncomfortable situations.

Studies have shown that the development of any new skill can cause a lot of stress. The process of acquiring new knowledge makes people feel under the pressure of stress, but it helps them to feel happy and satisfied.

As was well said in the cartoon "adventure Time": "Fail at something is a great first step to begin really to understand. It's true: every fight is a sign of progress. The return received by us from any action that at first it seems uncomfortable, much higher than the short-term as you exit the comfort zone.

Prefer experience things Really happy people know that it is better to spend money not on material objects and on acquisition of new experience. It is the "experiential purchases" tend to make us happier.

Any new experience is primarily social. Did you know that in fact, the solitary confinement is classified as a "particularly cruel" because that is detrimental to the human psyche? And new experiences can get us out of the house and to help to establish close relationships with people who might bring us happiness.

Over time, the experience only expands your boundaries. Years add experience a new taste, like good wine, which is not true of material things — "Oh, my phone already so old!". People are turning more frequently to memories of some important event than about any significant purchase. Likely, you are much brighter remember your first Hiking in the mountains than my first pair of Hiking shoes (although to ensure that your trip took place, shoes was you need).

The experience much more unique than any purchased item. No one in the world just will not have the same memories of your trip to Italy with your wife.

Regret made As a nurse working in hospice, asked about most often regret dying, and she said that most people regret that you ignored your inner desires and was not true to his dream. When people realize that their life is almost over, they can look at it unbiased opinion and see what you can't see ordinary people. Most people die without reaching their dreams due to choices they made or did not do once. As they say, a week has seven days and someday is not one of them. published


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