13 optical illusions, after watching that you will cease to believe your eyes!

Optical illusion, or as it is referred to as "optical illusion" - that is our idea of ​​an object or phenomenon that we see. In fact, what we see may not be accurate. It is unbelievable how our brain can perceive the same thing from different angles completely different! Some optical illusions have long been exposed, since they have an explanation in terms of physics and other sciences, while others are still covered by a veil of secrecy. I picked the most interesting visual illusions that lead you astray astray. You would be hard to believe your eyes! Surge of you may feel bad, so we advise you to be careful!

1. Dynamic brightness gradient. Gradually approaching the screen and see the center of the picture. Light within will become brighter. If you're going to move back, it will again become dull. B>

2. Hidden goose. The original art paintings in the genre of Surrealism often a lot of hidden and mysterious. In the picture below the artist painted goose. But to find it very difficult. Try it! B>

3. The mysterious beauty. Look carefully at the red dot on the nose of the girl for 30 seconds. Then quickly and gently overturn his head back and look at the ceiling and blinked rapidly. What do you see? B>

4. Illusion «4 circles» i>. If you think that they overlap, it is not so. B>

5. Ames Room. The room that you see, has an irregular shape. His ophthalmologist A. Eames designed to create three-dimensional optical illusion at the beginning of the 20th century. B>

6. Three beautiful girls. We rarely encounter the inverted image in real life. Therefore it is difficult to notice the distortion immediately. B>

7. Dice. In what position are they? «Break your mind»! i>

8. What do you think, in what direction open window? You can change direction. How? Just think about it, and move your eyes! B>

9. How many people in the picture? 13, and may be still 12? Recalculated again! B>

10. Wrong perception of movement. You will be surprised, but the speed of these units is the same. B>

11. Playing on the contrast! The squares on the right side appear to be brighter than those on the left. But it is not so! All squares are of the same hue. B>

12. Cheating perception. The whole strip in the center and has the same uniform color. B>

13. «Live Picture» i>. Simply roll the wheel on the mouse up and down, and you yourself will understand everything. B>

Optical illusions often make us smile and bewilderment. They love it! Starting from children and ending with old people! Share them with your friends, let them also try to unravel the mysteries of the human nature!

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