"Watch out for the car!". 10 amusing facts about the famous Soviet comedy.

Lyrical comedy titled "Beware of the Car" - a favorite of many a feature film. Directed by Eldar Ryazanov, he spoke about his creation as: «Our team wanted to shoot a good, but at the same time a little sad comedy about a man who is only at first glance seems abnormal. In fact it is adequately many others. This man named Detochkin - big, immediate child who drew attention to the fact that all pass by without even noticing ». I> The movie turned out exactly as the author intended it. It offers you to read some interesting facts about its creation.

1. The plot of history quite fabulous. Simple and modest man, who plays in the theater performances, is a real fighter against crime for the benefit of children. Another actor of the same theater is a representative of the law enforcement agencies to investigate and try crimes dastardly villain. The script was based on a "true story" of the Valiant Theft Auto. Since Legend holds true, the director Ryazanov spent a lot of time searching for this man, although in fact it was all fiction ...

2. The first person in the role of the director saw Detochkin was Yuri Nikulin. But he went for a long time on tour in South Africa together with the circus. Also I auditioned for the role, Oleg Efremov, but Ryazanov considered that it is more appropriate image of the police officer Maxim Podberezovikova. Play the main character Detochkin honored to Innocent Smoktunovsky, and he did just amazing. When I auditioned the actors on this film, ill with tuberculosis Smoktunovskij eyes. He had to interrupt treatment at the time of filming the movie. Illness delayed brilliant actor, and he had to treat her for two years.

3. Interestingly, the actors who starred in the role of the main characters, never before played in the genre of comedy. Images and Detochkin Podberezovikova turned dramatic and lyrical genre of film was a comedy.

4. Such favorite comedic actors like Anatoly Papanov and Andrei Mironov, went very well for the filming of the film "Beware of the Car" and delighted the whole crew funny improvisations and brilliant game. The role of Andrei Mironov, many critics consider the most successful of his career. Quotes hero Papanova and other heroes of the audience instantly picked up and are often used: «Your Home - Prison!» I>, «You posodyut, and you do not steal!» I>, "Excuse me, but you are not crazy? - No. I have and help ». I>.

5. At the beginning of the film the voice-over says that the place where the events occur is not known. However, in the film Detochkin utters a phrase that after the sale of stolen cars, he returned to Moscow. From this we can conclude that the developments in Moscow. Did the director it on purpose remains a mystery.

6. The car on which Detochkin left the chase - "Volga" GAZ-21 - was the property of "Mosfilm". The same machine starred in the movie "The Diamond Arm" and "Three Poplars at Plyushchikha».

7. At the time of the pursuit of Detochkin used music of the famous composer Andrei Petrov. This waltz - one of the most recognizable tunes in the world of Soviet cinema. This motif is also used in the song "Mr. Glass" Sergei Nikitin, the words of Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

8. In the film "Beware of the Car" in theater amateur hero Smoktunovsky playing Hamlet. What is interesting is that, at Smoktunovsky was already behind the role of Hamlet in the film of the same name, which was released a few years earlier.

9. For the filming of the movie Innocent Smoktunovsky had to pass on the driver's license. Fantastic plot the author tried to satiate the most realistic picture. All the tricks were performed without the use of live stunt special effects.

10. The role of Luba sang Olga Aroseva. Single-minded actress had to learn to drive a trolley bus, and get right to demonstrate their skills on the set.

The best actors of the Soviet cinema, the inimitable and talented director with his film crew, an interesting scenario, and much more make this movie a high quality work of cinema that is still many adore.

After reading this article, you probably felt nostalgic for a good movie. Share these interesting facts with your friends, give them pleasant memories of such a good movie!

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