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In the last few years, it brought very little good and really funny comedies, and therefore it was decided to prepare this collection, which includes the funniest comedies of a few decades. The success of the Comedy of the film is very simple: it must be very funny. All the films in this list were filmed at different times and in different countries, but they all share one thing — they can watch again and again. While browsing You will be guaranteed a good mood. The list was compiled based on feedback and evaluations of the audience, and you can add your favorite Comedy in the comments.

40-year-old virgin

Steve Carell has become very popular after she got the lead in this film, Judd Apatow. In this Comedy, he played a loser named Andy Sitzer friends who are trying to help him find that in his 40 years he's still a virgin. This film became one of the most unexpected hits of the year, and one of the most popular comedies of the decade.

Bratrude to choose the most funny scene in Borat. "Jew-run" funny to abdominal pain, but also other funny moments, like the naked wrestling or Rodeo, where Borat sings a song about the excellent manure Kazakhstan. It's quite ambiguous and controversial Comedy, which was banned in many countries. The movie angered many of real people, led to a series of trials and accused Sacha Baron Cohen of anti-Semitism, although he is a Jew. The result is a lot of hype, many critics still spoke negatively about Borat that hasn't stopped Comedy to get a good rating. Before viewing note that the humor here is specific and will appeal not for everyone.

All mad Maribella Farrelly spent 15 years trying to replicate the success of this fine romantic Comedy of 1998, but they never managed to outdo his film "All without mind from Mary". It's a funny story beauty named Mary who has the ability to charm all men without exception. For her heart is struggling also and not very successful and remarkable guy named Ted... the film has many moments that will make viewers laugh.

Big Lebowski the first time you watch the Big Lebowski, can easily get lost in its plot. Here are intertwined many of the plot lines, humor and a very well-designed characters. In the title role of this Comedy is the Dude and his friends with whom he spends time playing bowling. To fully understand this film, it is better to see a few times. Moreover, every subsequent view will be no less interesting and exciting. The big Lebowski — a Comedy classic with a very fine and high quality humor.

Naked Pantolatlong the hero of the film played by the legendary comedian Leslie Nielsen, who single-handedly confronts a criminal group that plans the assassination of the Queen of great Britain. In this parody Comedy can be traced footage from the show about Lieutenant Columbo, James bond and other famous movies. In the end, the hero manages to save the Queen and to avoid an international scandal.


Dumb typeability humor also has a right to exist, because while watching this film you can just turn off the brain and laugh. Besides, "Dumb and Dumber" is one of the most popular funny Comedy on the results of many surveys and ratings. This Comedy was the finest hour Jim Carrey, making it one of the most popular actors of the world. This is a story about two idiots driving to different cities in the van, which is similar to a dog in pursuit of beauty. In the near future to prepare for the release of the sequel, 20 years after the release of his first version.

Hunters, privideniami great Comedy in 1984, with an unusual and original plot. In addition to great humor in the film there are powerful special effects, unusual for that time. I'm sure many will remember those days when with bated breath watched as the brave Ghost hunters to save Manhattan from horrible creatures, as well as laugh funny replicas of the main characters, constantly podsushivaya over each other.

Meet, Daveta awesome and funny Comedy with elements of fantasy. The aliens come to Earth to save their own planet, but do it very unusual way — creating a space ship in the image and likeness of man. Machine named Dave manages a team of little man who will be a very difficult task and many challenges. Comedy is full of events where every second You are waiting for something funny.


Click, with remote control for living and the main role here is played by Adam Sandler, who is very well able to get used to and implement a plan Director. Besides being a very funny Comedy, the film can be instructive, as it makes you think about life, about family, about work and about other important points. It's possible that "Cliques" may even change your life. Well, if this does not happen, at least You heartily laugh.

ACE Ventura: Rozysk Domashnikh zhivotnyie one starring role of Jim Carrey and one of the funniest comedies of recent decades. The protagonist — detective pet detective ACE Ventura, investigates a lot of interesting things, while getting into serious scrapes, but with honor and humor vykarabkivayas of them. Well, if this Comedy you like, then look at its sequel, where one of the best comedians of our time reveal all his skills.

Bachelor party in Vegasjoker funny Comedy about the adventures of friends who went to Las Vegas to celebrate the bachelor party. In sin city they take you to the most unreal accidents which threaten their return to the wedding... About how everything is resolved, You'll know after watching this ridiculous movie. But if you like, you can always watch the other part.

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