Facts about the comedy "Beware of the Car"

February 3, 1967 "Mosfilm" presented to the audience the film Eldar Ryazanov, "Beware of the car." Today we have decided to recall the famous blockbusters and prepared some interesting facts about its creation.

1. This story reminds fantastic scenario: modest and quiet amateur theater actor with a touching name Detochkin actually turns uncompromising fighter with bribery and other criminals, and he is fighting for the good of the children. While another actor of the same theater, which by the nature of the activities necessary to investigate the crimes of our "Robin Hood", he seems like a clever, wily and elusive almost attacker. This original script was written by a talented duo of Soviet cinema - Eldar Ryazanov and Emil Braginsky ("Office Romance", "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" And other blockbusters) based on the folk legend of the noble Theft Auto. Only while this legend was considered a true story, and Eldar Ryazanov spent some time on fruitless search prototype Detochkin - but in reality, this character does not exist ...

2. Initially, the role Detochkin planned Yury Nikulin, but he, along with the circus went on tour to South Africa for almost six months. Then auditioned Oleg Yefremov, but eventually gave Innocent Smoktunovsky role and played a policeman Efremov Maxim Podberezovikova. During the approval of candidates for the role in the film, Smoktunovskij being treated for tuberculosis eye, which he had to stop for the sake of shooting, and then continue after graduation. The disease was very serious: for the treatment took nearly two years.

3. It is noteworthy that the two lead actors - and Smoktunovskij, and Ephraim were comedians. Therefore, their images turned out quite serious and even dramatic and comedy "Beware of the Car!" Has become a tragicomedy.

4. But the popular and beloved comedians Soviet Andrei Mironov, Anatoly Papanov very easily and successfully entered into the concept of the film, also providing the entire film crew cheerful workflow with endless improvisation and sparkling humor. Work Andrei Mironov as a "worker trade" by critics as one of his most successful.

A quote character Papanova firmly established in the life of Soviet society and relevant way to this day, such as: "You posodyut, and you do not steal!" And others.

5. Most of the scenes from the movie filmed on location, and interestingly, in the beginning of the movie voiceover author argues that it is not known in what city events occur. However, in a scene of conversation in the pub, Detochkin utters a phrase that after the sale of one of the stolen cars, he returned to Moscow .... Consequently, the events of the film unfold still in Moscow.

6. Volga "GAZ-21", which went from chasing Detochkin belonged Mosfilm. Subsequently, this car rented in several movies. Also the car in some way made famous by the famous episode with Papanova "taxi to Dubrovka" (car there repainted) in the movie "The Diamond Arm". The same machine acted as a taxi hero of Ephraim in the movie "Three Poplars at Plyushchikha».

7. Continuing the theme of the pursuit of Detochkin: waltz that sounds when a policeman persecution "Elusive Avengers", uses a musical phrase from the song «Padam ... Padam ...». This melody composer Andrei Petrov - one of the most famous and recognizable in the world of film music. His repertoire includes Sergei Nikitin have written in verse Yevgeny Yevtushenko song "Mr. Glass", which uses the motif of the waltz from the film "Beware of the Car».

8. Back in amateur theater: there Smoktunovsky character plays the role of Hamlet. Interestingly, at the time of the movie have already Smoktunovsky was brilliantly performed the role in the film "Hamlet" was shown in 1964.

Photo: Hamlet Detochkin

9. Especially for shooting at the insistence of Innocent Smoktunovskij Ryazanov passed on the driver's license. Not quite realistic picture of the plot director tried to make up for maximum reliability shooting process: all the tricks were performed without stunt trick photography, that is, at full speed stunt slipped under the truck-racing pipe carriers, flew in the fast riding trailer and throwing the car into a ditch.

10. In order to play the role of girlfriend Detochkin - Luba, her singer Olga Aroseva had to actually get the right driver trolley and then drive a real trolley during the filming.

Maybe this is a serious and responsible approach to creating a movie in combination with high-class actors and an original script, and was the basis, which in the Soviet film industry were indeed works of genius.


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