9 dizzying optical illusion, from which blows the roof. Try your imagination!

Optical illusion - one of the favorite techniques of many famous artists, such as Salvador Dali or our contemporary Rob Gonsalves. These figures because of the inaccuracy of unconscious processes correction of the visual image, incorrect assessment of the length of the lines, the angles or color of the object, as well as many other physical factors can play with your imagination cruel joke. The most striking example of visual deception: when you're watching the sky with clouds running, they somehow strangely taking shape before seen images of you. How does this happen? Reasons misperception explore the sciences of physiology, physics and psychology.

Entertainment site selected the 9 most dizzying optical illusion, from which much dazzled. These visual deceptions Crazy in no time! Ready for this? Then go ahead!

1. Admit it, you think that's right eye girl gray color, and the left - a turquoise like barrette in her hair? In fact, both eyes of the same color - they are gray. B>

2. If you look closely at the left picture for a minute, right gradually merges into a uniform gray background and flashes. B>

3. It looks like a bar code ... Now try to move away! B>

4. Concentrate and look closely at the white dot in the center of the circle and then slowly head back otodvinu. Imagining that the halo formed around the circle. B>

5. I do not believe it, but before you are two perfectly smooth circle ...

6. Optical illusion created specifically for the cover of a magazine on psychology. This kind of Mona Lisa in the pants - wherever you went away, it seems that the man in the portrait view is aimed at you. B>

7. At first glance it seems that the picture in front of you an evil and calm person. But is it? Get away for a couple of meters away from the screen and check. Hocus Pocus! B>

8. Try to move the screen up and down or zoom and then postpone it. There is a feeling that the square in the center of moves. B>

9. At first glance it may seem that the two colored bands are refracted at the junction with the contour of the circle. I will say this: it seemed! B>

From these figures downright mind-blowing ... Still, an interesting thing - the human brain! I have long ceased to believe their eyes and wish you the same. Show the deceptions of his comrades. Only pre-warn them that they are very careful.

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