13 optical illusions

Even the most hardened skeptics believe what they tell them their feelings, but the feelings are easily fooled. < Website continues to collect the coolest optical illusion. Some visual deceptions have long been a scientific explanation, while others are still unexplained.

Introducing 13 dizzying illusions to prove how easy it is to fool our eyes.

In what direction the train is moving?

You can change direction, just thinking about it.

Trace nevozmozhno

In the eyes dazzled?

Illusion vrascheniya

The kinetic sculpture creates the illusion that the head is rotating. © Markus Raetz

Find a way out of labirinta

How many seconds to get it to find?

Hidden gus

Original paintings in the genre of Surrealism contain a lot of puzzles and hidden images. For example, in the painting represented the artist hid the image of a goose. However, it is not easy to find. © Igor Lysenko

Effect Droste

Droste Effect - looped recursive image.

No one can be trusted, even sebe

If you look at the image focus (not to blink or move your eyes), then it will disappear.

The whole world - a palette, and you - hudozhnik

Open the first image and the first 40 seconds to look at the red dot, and then his eyes fixed on a point, open the second picture.

Riddle treugolnika

This triangle is horizontally or vertically?

Beautiful girl

Look at the red point on nose Girl 30 seconds. Then move your eyes on the wall, ceiling or other monochromatic surface and blinked rapidly.


Rotate the mouse wheel up and down, to enhance the effect.

Illusion polki

Yellow ball on the top shelf. How many balls on the bottom shelf?

Black tochki

Count the number of black dots.

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