Artists paint a shadow

Drop Shadow may be the subject of an amazing artistic value.

To create their works the artists months turn on and off lights, moving various objects. Simple materials - paper, wood, aluminum and other debris, - plus innovative thinking and imagination produce an exciting, provocative art.

Few dare to work with light and shadow, as the main instrument in such works is not the brush with paint, and the ability to see and patience. The viewer shadow art allows for a fresh look at that in the conventional sense is a waste or a bunch of unnecessary things.

Artists from Azerbaijan Rashad Alakbarova can be safely ranked as of a small galaxy of artists who manage to create a finished product with the help of the shadows cast from several items.

The painting "Fly to Baku" made a splash at the London gallery De Pury Gallery.

Greek artist Theodosio Aurea (Teodosio Sectio Aurea) demonstrates the mysterious images that appear with lighted sculptures unusual. Each of the three-dimensional compositions immerses the viewer into the magical world of light and shadow. The favorite theme of the author is the beauty and grace of the female body.

Sculptures Dita Wiegmann (Diet Wiegman) seem at first sight a monstrous jumble of broken glass, tangled wire and plastic waste, which is difficult to see the elements of the composition, or the author's intent. But it is necessary to highlight them at a certain angle, and on the opposite wall from the light source will lie in the form of a shadow figure of Michael Jackson or the Venus de Milo.

The talented Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita (Kumi Yamashita) creates his works using unconventional properly placed objects and cast their shadows. At first glance, the installation on the wall - it just randomly scattered letters, objects or paper. But with the right lighting letters, as if on command, to create a picture on the wall appear hidden from the human eye shapes and images.

British art duo Tim Noble contemporary artists and Sue Webster - the acknowledged masters of chiaroscuro. They are combined in his work trash punk aesthetics of art and lighting signage Las Vegas. Artists exhibited in many museums and galleries of contemporary art, but they are known especially shocking light projections and installations that represent their ironic self-portraits.

The experiments were conducted with a shadow in the 70-ies of the last century, the famous Japanese artist and graphic designer Shigeo Fukuda (Shigeo Fukuda). In his works, Fukuda (1932 - 2009), which is considered one of the founders of modern Japanese design school, is actively used the techniques of optical illusions. For example, in the famous sculpture "Lunch in a motorcycle helmet» («Lunch With a Helmet On») Shigeo hundreds of spoons, forks and knives soldered construction, which casts a shadow in the shape of a motorcycle.

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