The project "Paint Moscow"

The project is "open to Moscow" will bring to the dreary urban environment Losinoostrovsky District Brazilian brightness. For the transformation of the walls of model homes will take foreign and Russian artists who transform the high-rise buildings in residential areas in the open-air museum. Monumental painting will create 8 teams of artists working in different styles: the Dutch cult KMDG, depicting characters who resemble children's comic book heroes, as well as Russian team: Pain Breakaz (creators - artists Nootk and 16:59), influx, MDT (More Dead Toys), Sabotage, ZUKCLUB, 310 Squad and a group of women artists from the Moscow Institute of Architecture. Houses will be 12 - in honor of the 12th anniversary of Steklov Mathematical Institute, with the support of which passes this art event. The main objective of the project - to bring art to the outskirts of the city and make it available to the ordinary citizen. This Moscow has never seen.


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