10 optical illusions that will break your brain. There obviously has a trick!

"Do not believe your eyes" - advised us Kozma bars, if on the elephant's cage you will see the words "buffalo." However, no matter how ironic subtext was in the words of the literary staff who signed his work pseudonym Kozma bars to distrust his own view, there are serious reasons.

A good example of the fact that our eyes can deceive us, are optical illusions. Looking at these pictures, we can see is not what it actually is. However, that is what we love these pictures. Poeetomu Editorial Ofigenno.cc will acquaint you with a new portion of optical illusions.

At first glance it seems that the circles are constantly moving. Moreover, if the focus view on one of the circles, he stops, while others continue to rotate. In fact, all the elements of the image are fixed.

another example of how our brain animates the picture and causes it to spin elements.

Images can not only rotate around its own axis, but also to make undulations. More precisely, we are forced to see these movements where they do not really have.

For example, a color cube you can see that in different circumstances the same colors appear to us quite different. For example, the central squares of the top and front faces are actually the same color. But our brain plays in his own image, into believing that the top cell - brown in color, and on the near side - orange square.

If you look at the cross in the center of the image, it would seem that runs around the circle green color. In reality, there is no green circles. Just turn "lost" one of the pink circles.

At first glance, this is an ordinary elephant. But if you try to count his feet ...

Another interesting optical illusion. Is orange lines really parallel?

Lattice Herman makes us see gray spots at the intersection of the white lines. But in reality there are no spots.

An example of how the surrounding objects can influence the perception of the size. Left yellow circle seems to be much smaller than the right, even though they are both exactly the same.

Depending on the colors of neighboring cells it seems to us that the lines of different colors. But they are one and the same shade of pink!

As you can see, our vision can be trusted not always. And sometimes we do not see the picture, which actually exists. However, precisely because of this deception we love optical illusions. If you liked these pictures, which are easily deceive our minds, you will certainly share them with your friends.

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