Cat optical illusions

amazing ability to open a host of beautiful red-haired cat, when he stumbled upon walking papers with optical illusions. It is difficult of course argue that this is the official data, but it is clear from the video that the cat can distinguish between illusion and tried to play with them. Prior to that, no such fact could not be confirmed. As the author says the video, it opened the well-known optical illusions Japanese Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka, who for a long time engaged in the creation of the most complex visual deceptions.
Strolling cat noticed on the couch printed optical tricks. Pets not even had a long stare, he immediately realized what was happening. It should be noted that the fixed and standing close items cats perceive worse than moving. According to scientists, focusing on an object at the cat several times smaller than a human. However, this did not stop the cat to observe the optical illusion and try to grab her foot.



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