12 films about the secrets of the great men

Extraordinary people always have a strong influence on the formation of style, society and the state. These talented individuals fought for his dream, embodied grandiose plans and changed view of the world. Their earthly life is like a celestial comet, leaving a bright trail. But they, too, like all of us, had their weakness, challenges and mysteries.

Team Website selected for you 12 films, which give the opportunity to meet great people closer.

Coco Chanel Coco avant Chanel

Mademoiselle Chanel - is the embodiment of style, independent of femininity and bright personality. Everyone knows about the great Coco, but few people know why the young Gabriel has chosen once a funny nickname. This film-drama opens the viewer a lot of secrets about the talented woman who dared to go against all templates. In her hands she came to life material, her soul wanting more ... and it did not sit still. But fate did not stop her experience. Love or Art? We need to make a choice.

Pollock Pollock

Amazing pictures of Jackson Pollock are today hundreds of millions of dollars. Someone admired his creations, and someone they seem absurd. But in the present we do not offer the film to determine the degree of genius famous painter. This film about the everyday life of the master, his meditation, deep feelings and creative designs. Creators managed to approximate the events in the film to reality, allowing you to get to know a person Pollock

Diana:. Love Story by Diana

Can fame make a man happy? Diana Spencer was prepared for a special role in British and world history. This extraordinary woman fell in love with millions of her high status and wealth were given. But no one knows what is actually hidden behind the sun smile Lady Di.

This movie reaffirms the truth of the ages - for true love is not important status and cash accounts, it comes to you for the sake of it changed forever

. Elvis. Early years

Elvis. The Early Years

Excellent Elvis Presley never cease to conquer the hearts of women. Energy memorable of his songs, and his magnetic smile assures one and all that the world is still ruled by love. Jonathan Myers failed, seemingly impossible - skillfully embody the image of the idol era. We can only guess how the youth legends musician. And this film - a great opportunity to learn interesting details

7 days with Marilyn My Week with Marilyn


Sometimes a week spent with a man opens more than the total of his biography. Events The film tells about the life segment gorgeous Marilyn Monroe during the filming of "Prince and the Showgirl" movie in 1957. Here reign the details! You will see in detail all the twists and turns: the process of transformation into the image, wonderful costumes, creative disputes. And in everyday life chrede acting principal actress suddenly interested assistant director, who will write later about these fleeting days of the whole book.

Surviving Picasso Surviving Picasso

Pablo Picasso - truly a lump of the art world. He is a man of mixed nature of its contradiction and law, a complex vision and tremendous ease. How long can I be close to the brilliant master of how long you can be without it and how long it will allow you to be with him? No wonder more accurate translation of the title sounds like "Surviving Picasso." This is a film about the great artist who loved life to a ripe old age, and took away from it all, not wanting to miss even a little. In his paintings we find a reflection of his life.

Anna Pavlova

In this interesting kinobiografii quite plausibly it shows the character of the greatest ballerinas of the twentieth century - the beautiful and willful Anna Pavlova. According to the slightest whim, it could delay the start of the concert, angrily arguing with the organizers, put in place the dancers of the troupe, scandals husband. But she forgave everything! After all, ballerina, so wonderfully laid out on the stage, was necessary "detente." And the road to success was not easy.

Hawking Hawking

Such extraordinary personalities as astrophysicist Stephen Hawking in this world come with an ulterior motive. In this film drama, we can see how the wise man of today loses control of his body, but you can not give up your mind, keep in the heart of hope and love. Glad to know that you can see the extraordinary story of life is not a fictional character, a real person, which is so finely played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Iron Lady The Iron Lady

This is not simply a frank film about a woman who changed the foundations of the policy and has proven that a lady can pick up a political "the wheel." This film is first and foremost about itself Margaret Thatcher, a strong woman, who was to know a lot of power. The viewer sees the whole story of the world where the heart is ruled by purely calculation. And probably notice that Margaret invisibly made its choice between private life, ambition and interests

Gia "Empire». Gia

In the early '80s filadelfiyka Jia Karanja won the world with their extraordinary beauty. This passionate and independent woman, found it necessary to keep up with the times: succeed, shine with the covers of magazines, to try the forbidden fruit and did not look up to the conventions. But this path is fraught with many dangers. The special magic of the film gives an incredible Angelina Jolie. It is said that the young actress did not immediately agree to this role, explaining the refusal by the fact that life is too much like her Centerfolds her own.

Mother Teresa Madre Teresa

Soulful film about the famous Mother Teresa, who was called a saint during his lifetime. This movie film is presented during the life of the great woman, when she left the nursing abode. Prior Teresa is a life choice, but it does not scare the test and the slums of Calcutta. And her clothes are blue and white now become a symbol of the emergence of good in the corners, where people have forgotten about the joy.

Nowhere Boy Nowhere Boy

Created a lot of documentaries on «The Beatles» legendary band, but the bare facts do not tell us how really great man lived. And so curious to know what I was thinking the incomparable John Lennon in his 16 years, whom he loved, which was calling his heart. This movie film musician appears before the audience in a different light. The viewer recognizes the role played in his becoming a mother and aunt, how did the very first group, and Feel the essence of his famous phrase: "Rock 'n' roll forever ... His rhythm penetrates all barriers»

. In the preview picture from the movie "The Iron Lady»: The Weinstein Company

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