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Anna V. died quietly enough. Stroke occurred during sleep, and woke up because she was not in her bed and a spacious room with lots of other people like it, expect to see something different. Knock about among the people and find out what's what, and where, Anna V. pushed to a large Reference Bureau, which first sent it back in place, then exit and only a third approach (much to the satisfaction of Anna Valerievna, for not such bureaucrats stormed ) operator bothered to "break" it in the database, and said:

- Here is a listing of karma, the third cabinet to the right of the left corner - get the equipment. Then he'll come. Next!

Anna V. obediently took the printout, nothing it does not understand, and proceeded in the direction indicated.

- Karma, let's! - Anna V. jumped in surprise
. - K-
karma? - And you can give something else? - Cynically asked behind the counter and literally snatched from the hands of Anna Valerievna printout. - So, karma you have, frankly, not so hot. Many such navoyuesh not.
- I do not want to fight, - babbled frightened Anna
. - Everything you say, - shrugged off her and continued, - on your number of points you can buy 138 Earth years of human life to 200 years or 300 years, a bird in a tree or a stone. I advise you to stone. Trees can be, cut.
- 138 ... - started to Anna V., but it again killed
. - That's 138 standard and unremarkable life, ordinary appearance and without any unusual
. - And if with an unusual? This is me just in case I specify ...
- Well, take your pick. An unusually high number. Talent - 40 years of life, wealth - depending on the size, the marriage honestly tell you, half a lifetime ruin. Children 15 years consuming ... So you want children?
- No ... I mean yes. Two ... no, three.
- You'll have to determine
. - Married and with three children, talent, wealth, and to travel around the world! - I blurted out in one breath Anna V., feverishly recalling what she has been missing in the life. - And the beauty
! - Lip no fool! - Chuckled from behind the counter. - And now, dear Anna V., let's count. Marriage - it's 64 years old, is 64. Three children - still minus 45. 19. Talent remains, for example, is not a world scale, so that the regional - well, 20 years A wealth - at least 20 years. Better it had a previous life to live, nedonabrali years.
- But ... - Anna V. bit her lip. - If nothing ...
- And if anything, will live 138 years in one cramped apartment, enough for one person and a healthy way of life the next time will be enough for more years - Drop Anna V.
. - And nothing can be done
? - Well, why? - Softened behind the counter. - We can arrange you a difficult childhood - then be released 10 years of marriage can make a late - if he does not snip off half his life. If a divorce - even credit will appear, and if the husband-satrap, then maybe the talent and world-wide will be able to equip
. - Yes, it's robbery
! - Mother-in-samodurka bad karma purifies - ignore her anger and continued, - you can add a drunk obstetrician and disability from childhood. And if you wish ...
- Do not want! - Anna V. tried to take over control of the situation. - Me, please, two children, married for 40 years or so at the current rate, even if the regional talent will be, well, wealth - to travel, no more
. - All? Beauty you will not pour? You have another 50 years left ... No? Then set ... The girl behind the counter took the mug and began to pour into it the powders of different colors, saying to himself: "Marriage forty years - is, children - two pieces have talent ... talent ... that's probably the way the money ... here, and the rest - from her husband more ... more ยป

! Anna V. incredulously looked at a half-liter mug filled with colored sand, which she stretched out from behind the counter.
- And if, say, I do not use the talent, I live longer
? - How do you live - it's your problem. I order you packed, diluted with water and drink. Goods are packed, return and exchange can not be! If you buy a coat to wear and will not - it's your problem
. - And ...
- Invoice to you, I assure you, is not useful
. - And ...
- What are you all "and" and "but"! The destiny you have chosen yourself, you are mixed background we - everything else is in your hands. The cooler is just around the corner. Next!

The last thing Anna V. had time to think before his own birth was: "That's like all of my knowledge and permission, and the feeling that I still fooled." Although there is no - a fleeting spark in her mind had time to zip in the brain that it is interesting, as it is called

. Author: Alice Permjakova
Photos on the preview: Natalia Kaznacheeva

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