Fleet during a training exercise off the coast of Syria

The Russian fleet, which held on the eve of military exercises off the coast of Syria, practiced intercepting cruise missiles on the characteristics similar to the American missiles "Tomahawk". This was reported by the US Marine Corps portal SShA.Po data source referenced by the authors, Russian defiantly carried out military exercises, and were part of the negotiations on the open radio frequencies, indicating that they do not pose any difficulty to destroy American missiles.

Meanwhile, no official information about the type of exercises the command of the Russian Navy did not provide.

Recall that the US fears that Russia will transfer to Syria all the information about the situation at sea and in the air, which greatly complicate the US aggression against Syria.

A few days ago to the shores of Syria suit "aircraft carrier killer" missile cruiser "Moskva", except it soon to the shores of Syria will approach the Black Sea Fleet patrol ship "Sharp-witted." September 29 in the area Syrian coast will arrive two more ships BSF: missile boat "Ivanovets" and a small rocket ship "Calm". On Friday, a detachment of ships, including the BBC, "Novocherkassk" (BSF) and the "Minsk" (Baltic Fleet), as well as reconnaissance ship "Sea of ​​Azov" (BSF), the Dardanelles and was enrolled at the disposal of the Mediterranean squadron command, RIA Novosti.http: / /telegrafist.org/2013/09/11/86228/

The Russian fleet in any case, regardless of the environment will scan the sea and the air space in the area of ​​deployment of the fleet. At the same time, as information is flashed in the media, Russia, in theory, can transfer this information to the Syrian air defense.

Syria is armed with the latest Russian complexes ZRPK "Carapace-C1", which are capable of destroying American cruise missiles type "Tomahawk". ZRPK "Carapace" has just been (and still seems) is designed primarily for combat flying up cruise missiles type "Tomahawk" and low-flying (maneuvering) targets of the enemy, for whatever reasons, to break through the barrier of air defense. Tests "Brigandine" showed that the complex is able to shoot down low-flying missiles including at a record low altitude of 15 metrov.http: //telegrafist.org/2013/09/11/86228/



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